Washington Post profiles Nunn and Carter

From a lengthy piece in today’s Washington Post, Michelle Nunn, Jason Carter hope to rechart the course of Georgia politics:

Nunn and Carter face tough odds, given that Georgia has not elected a non-incumbent Democrat to any statewide office since the waning years of the last century. But recent demographic shifts suggest a new electoral equation could be forming — and probably more quickly than in much-talked-about Texas.

The face of the state is being changed by an influx of African Americans and Latinos. Although whites accounted for 71 percent of Georgians who voted in the 2004 elections, that share had dropped by nearly 10 percentage points in 2012.

Last year, President Obama’s reelection campaign pretty much ignored Georgia, but he still got more than 45 percent of the vote.

The piece clearly gives Nunn a better chance of winning next year than Carter because of the “disarray” of the Republican race and the likelihood of “a bruising, expensive primary and almost certainly a runoff.”

There’s nothing really new here for readers who follow Georgia politics closely, but the piece is excellent national exposure for Nunn and Carter and could help boost fundraising. As I write this, the article is at the top of the list of the Post’s most-read articles today.


  1. Jon Lester says:

    I left my bit in WaPo comments, which may be the only way national readers will know that there are other Georgia Democrats running for the Senate, as well as Ms. Nunn’s Syria miscalculation, and her acceptance of at least one donation from Jane Fonda, which likely won’t play well with Georgia voters.

    • David C says:

      The only people who still care about Jane Fonda aren’t voting for her anyway. And nobody cares about Syria now, much less in 2014.

      • Jon Lester says:

        Still, it’s not for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to decide our nominee. DW-S was stupid to support intervention, herself, because the last thing Israel needs is a Sunni caliphate on its northern border. How are we well-served by sending a freshman senator who’ll just go along with every dumb idea the party leadership pushes?

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