Congrats Erick Erickson

Tip of the hat goes out to our founder Erick Erickson who today (and Tuesday) is filling in for Rush Limbaugh.

Radio has been Erick’s lifetime dream.  Hosting Rush’s show has been his goal.  Today he’s managed to make that happen.  Well done.

You can listen live here.  


  1. Jon Lester says:

    Knowing he’s your site co-founder and all, sure, this would be a big deal to anyone who gets the opportunity, so I appreciate that much. Only other thing I want to say now is, I’ll let Rush’s audience decide for themselves if they like Erick’s style any more than WSB listeners and CNN viewers. Personally, I’d take Erick over Mark Steyn any day, were I unable to escape hearing the show in the first place, which happens sometimes.

  2. Richard says:

    Sorry, he may be your buddy, but he’s a flop on radio. I wish that were not the case, but I tried listening to him as a fill in for Boortz, and he was as difficult to listen to as Sean Hannity, and I wanted to like both of them.

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