Politics and Journalism: This is Going to be Fun!

_MG_1422prcsdtim(2)As someone who has followed politics since I was a boy (I was kind of a weird kid), I’m thrilled to become part of the Peach Pundit team.

Politics and journalism combine two of my great passions (the other is sports, of all kinds).  I’ve been lucky enough to serve as a regular political analyst and commentator on several metro Atlanta radio stations since the 2002 elections, and have also been on C-SPAN and Prime Time Lawmakers (I have a better face for radio than TV).

Most recently I served as a regional editor for that great AOL experiment in local journalism known as Patch. Our coverage of the Brookhaven cityhood debate led all 900-plus Patch websites, across the nation, in readership and engagement. While the Patch initiative has experienced some rough spots in recent weeks, I’m proud of the service it provided to our  communities while I was there.

I also served as founding editor for the old Business to Business Magazine.

There are few things more boring than reading about someone else, so I’ll keep the rest of my introduction short: Georgia State University grad in political science; tons of experience in newspapers, magazines and websites; and the author of a couple of books (which are really good, BTW).

Thanks to everyone at Peach Pundit for giving me this great opportunity to become part of their team. Now, let’s have some fun!



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