Dear Georgia WIN List: You’re SO Adorable!

If you don’t get the Peach Pundit Daily, you don’t see what makes the left wing so mad they can’t think straight, or even read. This item set them off yesterday:

“There Shall Be Candidates Going For Sure Things! Elena Parent, the “telegenic” former State Representative, will seek the Senate seat being vacated by Jason the Carter, who has abandoned the people of Decatur and North Druid Hills in his quest for golden fleece and the governorship of Georgia. Parent may find stiff competition for the nomination, as Decatur attorney Kyle Williams has  already announced.  Compare their similar blond-and-blue pictures for a moment, and answer the question: Will the real legislative Barbie please stand up? More importantly, where is the Democratic “diversity” we’re always hearing about? Surely there’s an African-American who can represent the good people of that district more effectively than two extras from “The Sound of Music?”

We know, it was a rude and terrible thing to say about Barbies, and we apologize to anyone who may be shopping for one of those outdated gender role icons during this Christmas Season.

But Georgia’s WIN List, a misandrist organization “dedicated to electing and protecting Democratic women who will preserve reproductive freedom in Georgia,”  really got worked up and sent out a finger-wagging email saying “You should be ashamed of yourselves.  To call an accomplished and experienced woman like Elena Parent a “Barbie” is the worst kind of offensive stereotype.  This outrageous Neanderthal language has been used for years to put women in their “place.”  But  courageous, strong women like Elena Parent just ignore creepy comments like yours and keep on achieving.

Well, we never “called” either candidate anything, but aren’t they cute when they’re mad?

Seriously though, are these women new around here? Making fun of politicians and candidates is what we do at Peach Pundit. We made just as much fun of Kyle Williams as we did of Elena Parent -IN THE SAME SENTENCE! Where’s the ringing defense of him, also described as “blond and blue?” Here’s what their entire email looked like:

Screenshot 2013-12-17


No defense of Mr. Williams, no explanation for the appalling lack of diversity among Democratic candidates in the candidates in the 42nd Senate District, and no discussion at all over who could better sing the part of “Maria!” Why it’s as if they deliberately ignored all the humor in that single item, and went out of their way to find something to be faux outraged about, in order to call attention to themselves and raise money. Mission Accomplished, Ladies!

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  1. Jackster says:

    As a heterosexual white male with tangential at best interests in DeKalb County, I’m not sure a diverse ticket would represent my reproductive interests.

    Unless speed dating is a fundraiser.

    You really can’t be for reproductive rights unless part of your plan is to get your constituency laid. Where is that on the flyer? Exactly.

  2. Daniel N. Adams says:

    I don’t get what the fuss is all about… isn’t Mike “being pretty in Dekalb” enough to make fun of one of his own kind? … or is this a disability so severe any mention of it is too sensitive to ever be PC compliant? Who knew?

  3. D_in_ATL says:

    Why is it these uppity gals at WIN can’t disagree with someone without slandering my neanderthal ancestors?

  4. atl_man says:


    You called them misandrist. That is not quite correct. As they support abortion on demand, they are equal opportunity haters of both sexes with respect to the in utero populace. After birth (those that are fortunate enough not to be aborted that is) they merely stop hating both and only continue their hatred for males only. Perhaps it would be better if they were misanthropes instead and continue to hate everybody. At least that would be more consistent.

    • Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

      There is no such thing in GA as abortion on demand, nor have I ever seen WIN List advocate for it. Please stop saying that that.

      Also “in utero populace” your kidding right?

      • atl_man says:

        “preserve reproductive freedom” is euphemism for “no restrictions on abortion” which means “abortion on demand.” I will not apologize for refusing to limit myself to your campaign rhetoric, which avoids the actual term “abortion” as often as possible, especially among swing and independent voters who support abortion restrictions by a 3 to 1 margin.

        “In utero population”? Yes, that was tongue in cheek. But the anti-abortion crowd does believe that life begins at conception, which is the basis of their opposition for abortion. “Supporters of abortion rights” avoids that reality like the plague and instead pretends that folks opposed to abortion do so because of their desire to oppress women, to restrict their sexual and reproductive and personal relationship freedom, their economic and professional advances, etc. In my opinion, that is far more offensive to the pro-life contingent than calling Elena Parent “Barbie.”

  5. Napoleon says:

    Don’t they know that all of us Gnomes at the Dome have been calling her “Liberal Barbie” for years? Okay fine, to make WIN happy, we’ll call her “Liberal Barbara” instead. Happy?

    At their first debate, I will buy anyone who asks these two the question< Will you two do a duet of 'Edelweiss'" a nice beer of their choice, so long as it's German.

      • Scott65 says:

        …and in keeping with the theme of this thread…Millicent Fenwick had one of my favorite quotes from a member of Congress
        “Once, when a conservative male Congressman attacked a piece of women’s rights legislation by saying, “I’ve always thought of women as kissable, cuddly, and smelling good,” Fenwick responded, “That’s what I’ve always thought about men, and I hope for your sake that you haven’t been disappointed as many times as I’ve been.”

  6. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    Ms. Parent and Mr. Williams are everything that is good about Democrats running in Georgia and smarmy comments on their immutable characteristics only highlight the concerns and fear of them in the Georgia GOP.

    The GAGOP has nothing like these two qualified people on their bench, and the few “bright” folks they have will be either be primaried or drummed out because they dare to deviate from the closed minded narrow view of many in the GA GOP.

    I’m enough of a feminist to lack a sense of humor when bright capable women are denigrated and their intellectual achievements are demeaned by calling out some body part or physical characteristic, i.e. blonde, leggy, attractive, young AKA Barbie.

    But I’m also enough of a pragmatist to see that when folks are accused of heinous comments it doesn’t help either. For instance while I felt like the PP editors comments trivialized both Elena and Kyle’s very fine accomplishments I don’t believe that they were either homophobic or misogynist.

    I think that we throw around words that folks really don’t know the meaning/implication of, it makes for confusion about why some of us would be so infuriated by the so called “off hand” remark or why the original comment is offensive.

    The PP Editor while an influential person is not making hateful legislative policy or law. Demeaning, dismissive, degrading comments yes. Hate, no. There is a big difference.

    Please review the definitions below.

    Homophobia: noun an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people.

    Misogynist n. One who hates women. adj. Of or characterized by a hatred of women.

    I’ve read enough of PP editor to know that I don’t think he “hates” either women or LBGT people. I do however think that successful women, people of color and gay people who run as Democrats do threaten them.

    That’s the bigger story.

    It’s clearly a failure of the leadership to continue the dismissive nature of the GA GOP’s lack of inclusive tone and language. It’s not the first time that this has been an issue. As a example, SoS Karen Handel had a real opportunity in 2010 to defend her attendance at a Log Cabin event, but instead out of fear she doubled down on her homophobia ( yes in this case it was that) by making comments about same sex parenting and adoption. That’s not dismissive, that is hatred when you’d legislate to block children from being raised in a loving same sex home.

    This is clearly a “teaching moment” but I’m not sure what was taught or learned.

  7. danielenglish says:

    When did right wingers start throwing stones at candidates for being too Aryan looking? At one time they were trying to goose step candidates like that into political positions all over. I suppose it must have been when Mitt Romney tried to connect with Hispanic voters with that horrendous spray on tan job. Have they gone from being the old white people party to the party of we will adopt any minority stance to appear tolerant?

    • Napoleon says:

      OH WOW! A “CONSERVATIVES-ARE-NAZIS” argument. How original. Did you think of that one all by yourself? Funny that modern Democrat socialists don’t embrace the old national socialists from Germany. Of course, I don;t know how you equate a bunch of people who believe in small government with the ultimate in big government regimes. But just nod and agree with your propaganda talking points.

  8. danielenglish says:

    I honestly never thought I would see the day that being too Aryan looking was a problem for Republicans. Must be this whole rebranding thing they are trying. You know since they can’t be tolerant or inclusive themselves they have to fake outrage on behalf of minority voters.

  9. Scott65 says:

    I dont know about ya’ll…but I actually will be voting in that district (and I’m more leaning towards EP currently). I’m waiting to hear what she thinks about COBI…not whether she is offended by Barbie talk

  10. atl_man says:

    ” I do however think that successful women, people of color and gay people who run as Democrats do threaten them.”

    Not as much as successful women and people of color running as Republicans threaten DEMOCRATS. Or have you somehow missed the hateful rhetoric aimed at Clarence Thomas and Sarah Palin? Where were you then?

    That is why you are not a feminist at all. You and your cohorts are frauds. Bill Maher, Martin Bashir and tons of other mainstream media figures, comedians etc. have spent 5 years aiming the most vicious, hateful, harassing, demeaning, threatening (including threats of sexual violence) at Sarah Palin and her family. Not one leading feminist group or leader has stepped up to say stop it or to defend her. At the very most, only when pressed about it, “feminists” will issue a generic, dishwater “we oppose all sexist and misogynistic speech aimed at anyone” and then follow it with an attack on Palin’s politics. But calling Elena Parent “Barbie” is what gets your hackles raised? Please.

    Look, I don’t even LIKE Palin. (I also despise Clarence Thomas.) I won’t enumerate the many reasons why. But the silence of so-called feminists when the most unspeakable things ever uttered against a politician in history were piled onto Palin proves that “feminists” are just a bunch of ideological, partisan attack dogs. Oh yeah, not just Palin, but the attacks on women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment and had documented evidence. Feminists just stood right by while the Clinton machine destroyed reputations, careers and lives, and at times even pitched in. There has been more feminist outrage over the allegations of sexual battery against the Florida State University quarterback in a few weeks than there was with over Bill Clinton in 8 years.

    So please, spare us and save it. The feminist outrage machine is just a tool to use against your political and ideological enemies, something used to bash conservatives (as well as moderates, independents and even liberals that aren’t sufficiently feminist).

    You know, a large part of me is hoping that Hillary Clinton does run for president and does well, because that will force the treatment of Sarah Palin issue front and center. A Fox News reporter is going to get access to a press conference and ask Clinton directly about the TRULY misogynistic attacks on Palin BY LIBERALS. Clinton is going to be forced to either either grit her teeth and defend Palin (and conservative women in general … and keep in mind that before she was radicalized in college, she was a Republican who organized in the Nixon Presidential campaign) or have her campaign go off the rails. Now I don’t have a dog in that hunt, but it will be great theater to watch!!!

  11. charliemann2 says:

    Mike, you’re Oh SO clever…by half. Unfortunately, in today’s vitriolic environment where some very deep divides in the direction of this country have made everyone ultra-sensitive, your humor is lost. Satire is a tricky business, especially if you espouse a particular political ideology.

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