Did Deal Threaten Pennington?

One of Governor Deal’s rivals, Dalton Mayor David Pennington, says a Deal apparatchik sent a “threatening text” to the campaign.

In a statement, the Pennington campaign claims Nathan Deal’s chief of staff Chris Riley sent the following text to campaign chairman Phil Neff’s private cellphone:








Two things to take away from this. First we’re getting an early Christmas/late Hanukkah present with the gubernatorial campaign getting a strong start this early. Second, if the mayor honestly feels “threatened” by that text, he needs to grow up.


  1. David C says:

    The prospect of Chris Riley threatening anyone over ethics is hilarious. Perhaps Pennington and Neff shouldn’t associate with shady characters, doing things like giving out their cell phone info to people like Chris Riley. I mean, who knows what shady business they could be up to, communicating with someone like that?

    Then again, given that the worst thing they could throw out last time was that Barnes had cases in front of judges he’d appointed (including Deal’s own son mind you) and that was somehow shady, I’m sure Pennington’s shaking in his boots.

  2. gcp says:

    The question should be “Does Pennington’s run threaten Deal?” Pennington wants to move from an income towards a sales tax and criticizes Deal for supporting TSplost and the Medicaid bed tax (sounds threatening to me). He also donates his mayoral salary. Could anyone imagine career politician Deal donating his salary? If Deal’s ethic problems materialize and Pennington sticks with issues this race could get interesting.

  3. I’ve gotten to know David Pennington since he got into this race. He is not the kind of guy that threats will work on. He is a fighter. Principled as well. I’m certain the Deal team has no problem making things up. We’ll see. Even the GOP’s own poll a couple of weeks ago shows them they under estimated David. He is winning in almost all the test polls taken. I believe he would make the best governor I have seen since moving to Georgia in 85. And I believe I will get a chance to see.

  4. Newtster says:

    The endorsement of Nathan Deal by the Georgia GOP is simply another sign of a party leadership that has NO CONNECTION to the grass roots or the REAL Republicans in Georgia. The fact that the leadership of the state party, John Padgett and others, have openly violated the state rules of the party is reprehensible. Rule 7.6 clearly prohibits the state GOP from using “official” resources “in any manner” to support any candidate in a contested primary race. The other, presumably ethical, members of the state committee should immediately reprimand Padgett and Randy Evans and issue a confirmation of the EXISTING rule and issue a warning with a specific penalty for further violations. How incredibly stupid can they be. The Democrats and the Liar in Chief have presented a perfect opportunity for Republicans and they are too stupid to take advantage of the HUGE opening that will be presented on a platter with the Obamacare debacle. UNBELIEVABLE !

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