Joining The Kudzu Vine Tonight At 7PM

Tonight I’ll be talking with David McLaughlin and Catherine Smith – folks I like to call well intentioned but misguided progressives – on their webcast called the Kudzu Vine.  I’m told we’ll start by discussing the GA Senate race and then discuss the Governor’s race a bit.  It will be my first time joining them since Senator Carter joined the Democratic ticket.  I also know they don’t yet concede the Democratic Senate primary to Michele Nunn.  (Dr. Rad, Steen Miles, and a few others don’t either).  After those topics – jump ball.    If you want to hear it first, tune in here at 7pm.  Or, the same link will work later for a podcast.


  1. Jon Lester says:

    I think it’s worth reminding people that Ms. Nunn came out on the wrong side of the Syria thing, which was all kinds of bad reasoning.

    I hosted Dr. Rad for an informal meet-and-greet before my show Thursday night, and while it wasn’t a huge crowd, there was some modestly good turnout, and he just spent the hour talking to people one-on-one, which of course he would be good at. Hopefully I can put together something similar in the next couple months.

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