Morning Reads for Friday, December 13th, 2013

Happy Friday the 13th, everyone.  Obi’s Sister, who normally handles the Friday edition of the Morning Reads, lost her father a week ago.  Upon learning of her loss, Stefan and Jon volunteered to handle this morning’s edition.  And, so we bring you what may be the first jointly-authored Peach Pundit Morning Reads ever.  Stefan on the national, Jon on the local.  And please keep Obi’s sister in your prayers.


  • Long Island Foreclosures Spur Looters Amid Home Limbo (Bloomberg)
  • Household Net Worth: The “Real” Story (Advisor Perspectives)
  • CIA’s former ‘chief of disguise’ has a new holiday job: ‘Kids’ Gift Detective’ for Target (Washington Post)
  • Is the Pope Right About the World? (The Atlantic)
  • The Afterlife Of American Clothes (NPR)
  • Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed (Raptitude)
  • Intel’s Missed “Opportunity” (stratēchery)
  • Scientists Discover a Jewel at the Heart of Quantum Physics (Wired)
  • Parents are buying their kids all the wrong toys (Quartz)


  • Every congressman not running for the Senate voted Yes on the Ryan-Murray Budget. (AJC)
  • The Braves are building a new stadium in Cobb and the Sand Gnats want one in Savannah.  Now Clayton County wants to build an arena. (News-Daily)
  • In Forsyth County, a candidate for Solicitor questions the incumbent’s political leanings.  (Cumming Patch)
  • Georgia’s 2014 economic outlook looks good, according to a UGA economist. (Athens Patch)
  • Former head of Georgia Tech pushes bringing arts and the humanities to colleges. (Saporta Report)
  • With college football conference championships over, it’s time for high school football playoff finals.  (AJC)
  • Almost half of Georgians believe Obamacare will require them to pay more than they did in the past. (Georgia Health News)
  • The fastest growing public charter school system in the country is in Hall County.  (Gainesville Times)
  • The 2014 legislature will consider four proposals to create cities in DeKalb county.  (Reporter Newspapers)


  1. Will Durant says:

    Year-round wookie and Dragoncon co-founder Ed Kramer has already filed for more leniency to his house arrest “incarceration” after only 4 days. In the 10½ months he spent in the Gwinnett jail after bail was revoked Kramer’s attorneys generated 505 filings — 228 requests, 114 “pre-grievances,” 75 grievances, 22 open records requests, etc. The Sheriff’s office estimates his jail costs for that span to be around a quarter of a million dollars. The harassment plan obviously worked as he is now serving his sentence in the luxury of his own home, but at what point can a judge determine this harassment to be contempt?

  2. atl_man says:

    Maybe the Hall County school board can be exported to Atlanta in a similar (and hopefully more successful and less murderous) manner to Che Guevara’s attempts to export his people’s revolution.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    The AJC noted that Broun, Gingrey and Kingston that are running for the Senate voted no on the bipartisan federal budget deal, but didn’t specifically note that Georgia’s Congressmen campaigning for the Senate were the only Georgia Congressmen to vote no. Nunn’s prospects continue to increase simply by remaining silent and collecting checks, while her opponent’s act and talk.

    Austin Scott, after voting for the budget, said “I think the last shutdown was orchestrated by Harry Reid and the President, quite honestly”. The base forgives the GOP being a tool of Obama, what with Agenda 21 mind control and all.

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