Morning Reads — Thursday, December 12, 2013

On this day in 1787, Pennsylvania ratified the US Constitution.

Jimmy (and maybe Jason) Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum


  1. Jon Lester says:

    I don’t know what subsidies almond growers get, but it’s always a good time to try almond milk, which is always about $4/gallon, and has half again as much calcium as dairy. You just have to remember to shake it every time you pour.

  2. atl_man says:

    If the plan for affordable housing development for the Ted land falls through, I think that a park would be an excellent idea. As a matter of fact, since the Fulton Rec Authority co-runs the area, a biking/skating/skateboarding park for the hipsters (as well as families would children) type attraction would be awesome.

    If they could emulate Swift-Cantrell Park in Kennesaw (except bigger and better) with greenspace, bike trails, skating and skateboarding areas etc. that would be an outstanding idea.

    However … since this would be a destination for families and hipsters (meaning middle and upper class people) the city would have to work rather hard to keep vagrants, panhandlers etc. away.

    • Scott65 says:

      Sounds like the Beltline’s 4th ward park…you should check it out. You would probably love it (when of course its warmer…)

      • atl_man says:

        Ummm … yeah … me and mine go to 4th ward park all the time, and have ever since it opened. While you can theoretically bike and board a little bit over there, Swift-Cantrell it ain’t. The only intown park that I can think of that comes anywhere near to competing with Swift-Cantrell (or any of the good suburban parks for that matter) is Centennial Olympic, which is pretty much inaccessible to me because we don’t ride MARTA. (Maybe there are such parks in Buckhead, but I have only been to one or two.)

        But seriously, lack of good recreational spaces is one of the reasons why families with the means to do so pass up ITP (the terrible APS is another, which hopefully can be resolved with a new school board more open to charter schools). Again, I would prefer the affordable housing, but if they can’t pull that off then a (vagrant free) family recreation spot to compete with some of the better offerings in the suburbs would be ideal.

  3. Scott65 says:

    Ralph Hudgens is an abomination to humanity as far as I am concerned. I would vote for a frog before him. He is the “anti-insurance” commissioner. People will die because of him…and IMO he should resign. He has disgraced himself and the state.

  4. Harry says:

    Just how real is the Obama/Kerry policy in Syria?

    “It got better when the same Al Qaeda fighters ‘took over key warehouses holding U.S. military gear for moderate fighters in northern Syria over the weekend.’ In other words, as we repeatedly forecast over the summer, the US is now once again arming Al Qaeda fighters with weapons that sooner or later will be used against the US, at a time of the CIA’s choosing.”

    • atl_man says:

      We have been arming Al Qaeda since the 1970s. No reason to stop now. Or at least no reason to stop that also shouldn’t apply to our (or rather our companies) selling sensitive tech to the Chinese that no administration of ours has seen fit to stop.

        • atl_man says:

          Only because the Chinese figured out decades ago that other forms of aggression (i.e. economic, political and now cultural) are superior ways of fighting an enemy that is superior militarily. Al Qaeda poses a slight threat to our physical security, but China poses a real threat to our economy and to our economic and political allies.

          One interesting thing that China is doing is investing billions into developing Africa. Not only will this pay real economic benefits down the line, but in return, Africa will be far more likely to back China over the west. Short term, they are relocating tons of their workers that are having difficulty finding good jobs domestically as their internal economic growth slows down to high-paying jobs in Africa. Lots of those folks are going to stick around to run the businesses and infrastructure that China is building on that continent, and will likely seek high profile leadership positions in those places too.

          That is just one of the things that China is doing, in addition to causing real trouble with Japan and South Korea. But yeah, you keep thinking that Al Qaeda is our biggest problem/enemy right now. Check back in 20 years and see what the global economic/political scene looks like, with Chinese tentacles all over the place and let me know. Especially considering that after China gets finished buying/owning sub-saharan Africa, north Africa/the Middle East is logically next …

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