Yu Has a Website For You

Team Yu has launched their snazzy new website, MIACongressmen.com, complete with photos and voting records of Broun, Gingrey and Kingston. It’s worth noting that this is different than their campaign landing page but seems to focus strictly on the sitting congressman. No mention of Gardner, Grayson, Handel or Perdue. I do find it interesting, though, since I saw Mr. Yu at an event on Friday and he told a table of people that Broun hadn’t been there too long and “he could stay”.

The new launch comes not long after some serious internal turnover after relieving consultant Robert Trim from his duties. Now leading the team is Cobb County native Tyler Jacobs. Tyler previously worked for Representatives Teasley and Rogers as well as the American Action Network and Huckabee in 2008.

Yu Campaign Launches Microsite Exposing Three MIA Congressman


AUGUSTA – The Yu campaign is launching a new microsite exposing the poor voting records of Georgia’s three congressman that are currently running for the United States Senate.

“The voters of Georgia need to know the facts about Gingrey, Kingston, and Broun. While some of them talk a good game of being a conservative, their poor voting records are evidence they are not representing Georgians in Washington.” said Tyler Jacobs, campaign spokesman.

These three congressmen have missed almost DOUBLE the amount of votes as the average. This is just disrespectful of the citizens of Georgia that elected them to take their voice to Washington.

The Yu campaign will be launching a innovative digital marketing campaign to promote a new site, MIACongressmen.com to conservatives across Georgia.

“As a deputy sheriff, fireman, and soldier in the United States Army, Eugene has a record of serving his community and country. As an immigrant that came to America with nothing, Eugene had the opportunity to build a successful business and create jobs right here in Georgia.” said Jacobs.

Jacobs continued, “Washington needs a ‘Yu turn’ to get serious about runaway federal spending, the over regulation of small businesses, and the federal involvement in our local education. Eugene Yu will not be MIA. He will take Georgians’ voice to Washington and serve them proudly.”