Rep. Doug Holt Will Not Seek Reelection, Two Candidates Poised To Announce.

holtDougNews came out today that Rep. Doug Holt (R-Social Circle) will not seek reelection in 2014. Holt will have served 10 years when his term ends next December.

…Holt also stated that “I’ve really enjoyed working with the other members of the Morgan and Newton legislative delegations, as well as the members of our local governments. We are fortunate to have so many thoughtful, hardworking people serving us.”

He concluded by saying “I’m very grateful to the many folks who’ve supported me in this endeavor, especially my campaign team, and my wife Julie and son Ray. If I’ve done some good in these years, I must respectfully attribute it to the invaluable support and advice they’ve given me.”

Holt will be returning full time to his IT consulting firm, Newton Computing Corporation, which he has operated since 1996. The company focuses on business applications programming and database support for Microsoft Windows and the IBM AS/400, with more information available at

It’s been an honor to serve with Doug for the past three years. He’s a class act and works very hard at understanding legislation and serving his constituents. He will be missed in the House.

We’ve received word that two people will announce their campaigns to replace Holt in the House. Aaron Brooks and Ester Fleming intend to seek this post we’re told. Fleming ran for State Senate in 2010, finishing third. Fleming previously served on the Newton County Commission.

Brooks has a web domain reserved and announced his candidacy via press release. Here’s a bit of that release:

With over 20 years of experience in business and sales, Brooks wants to make Newton and
Morgan County a place where enteprenuers can prosper with lower taxes and less regulations. “If business owners can prosper there will be higher paying jobs and less unemployment.” Brooks is a regional sales manager for commercial laundry supplies and a 20 year resident of Covington. He is married to Michelle Brooks of 15 years and has two children. He is a Navy veteran, a member of Philadelphia United Methodist Church, and a founding member of Newton
Conservative Liberty Alliance, a local taxpayer advocacy group.


  1. northside101 says:

    The Morgan portion of the district is very rural (as one can tell driving on I-20 through there), while the Newton portion has both rural and suburban parts (Newton having by far the larger population in the district). Newton County is about a 50/50 political split between the parties—Obama narrowly won the county in both 2008 and 2012, while Deal won Newton in 2010—but the portion of Newton within HD 112 is very Republican, and traditionally rural Morgan County has been trending GOP in the last decade. Romney took 69 percent in the district in 2012, and in 2010 (under current lines), Senator Isakson, Governor Deal and Lt Governor Cagle each won over two-thirds of the vote here. The GOP presidential primary in the district drew more than 8,000 voters, with Gingrich winning handily (nearly 60 percent) in this district, while Romney, popular in the “country-club” parts of Georgia in that primary (east Cobb, Buckhead, Dunwoody, St. Simons, etc) mustered less than a fifth of the vote in HD 112 (as it exists today)

  2. northside101 says:

    With Rep. Holt’s retirement announcement, that should leave at the moment 4 other open State House seats in next year’s regular election cycle (not counting the specials coming up this winter for the seats of Jay Neal and the late Calvin Hill). Some info on each:

    DISTRICT 39 (Alisha Thomas Morgan—running for State Schools Superintendent)

    2010 US Senate—Thurmond 71%, Isakson 27%
    2010 Governor—-Barnes 74%, Deal 23%
    2010 Lt Governor–Porter 72%, Cagle 26%
    2012 President—Obama 75%, Romney 24%

    DISTRICT 54 (Ed Lindsey—Running for 11th Congressional District)

    2010 US Senate—Isakson 66%, Thurmond 31%
    2010 Governor—-Deal 55%, Barnes 41%
    2010 Lt Governor–Cagle 60%, Porter 37%
    2012 President—Romney 58%, Obama 41%

    DISTRICT 166 (Ben Watson—running for Buddy Carter’s State Senate seat, with Carter of course running for 1st Cong District seat being vacated by US Senate candidate Jack Kingston)

    2010 US Senate–Isakson 75%, Thurmond 22%
    2010 Governor–Deal 68%, Barnes 26%
    2010 Lt Governor–Cagle 70%, Porter 26%
    2012 President–Romney 70%, Obama 29%

    DISTRICT 167 (Jeff Chapman–Running for 1st Congressional District)
    2010 US Senate—Isakson 69%, Thurmond 29%
    2010 Governor—Deal 62%, Barnes 35%
    2010 Lt Governor–Cagle 65%, Porter 32%
    2012 President–Romney 66%, Obama 33%

    Missing any open seats here? Hard to keep track when there are 18o of them!

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