Smyrna Needs Your Used Cooking Oil

Some of you may know I’m a fan of bio based fuels like cellulosic ethanol and biodiesel. Biodiesel is a great source of recoverable energy because otherwise that nice peanut oil your Chick-Fil-A chicken was fried in would just go to waste.

Somehow, I missed that the city of Smyrna was working on completely eliminating diesel from their fleet and replacing it with bio-diesel. They have their own refinery and everything paid for by a small grant from the Department of Energy. The program reportedly saves the city a little over $1 per gallon of fuel.

The only problem is that the program runs on donations of used cooking oil. You can donate at fire departments, various recycling centers and a few other places in the city. If you fried a turkey this year for thanksgiving and you can’t use your oil again, go ahead and give it a second use as a fuel to help the fire truck get from point A to point B.

I’m sure if you own a McDonalds or other fast food franchise that uses oil to fry things, Smyrna would love to take that oil off your hands. Which would probably make your life as a business owner a bit easier, because then you wouldn’t have to pay someone to come take that used oil off your hands.


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