Kira Willis Joins the Race to Replace John Barge

Kira Willis has announced that she will be joining the fray to replace John Barge as State School Superintendent. This makes for a crowded field with now 5 candidates on the Republican side and 1 on the Democratic side.

If her name sounds familiar, that’s because she ran for the same office in 2010 as a Libertarian. While her party has changed, her platform remains mostly the same with an emphasis on school choice.

From Channel 11

“We need to stop telling students that their educational opportunities are solely based upon their address. I will work to ensure that students in our state have the same educational opportunities no matter where they live,” Willis said. “School choice will allow a freer market in Georgia education, using competition to improve all of our schools without taking ANY public monies away from them.”

What’s even better than her emphasis on school choice and allowing parents and students to get an education that best fits their needs is … wait for it… SHE WAS A TEACHER! She has actually taught children, in a real classroom, at Roswell and Centennial High School. She’s not another completely removed individual that has never set foot in a real classroom, she brings 18 years of teaching to the table.

I, for one, am looking forward to watching this campaign.


  1. Candidate Matt Shultz was also a teacher (Cass High) and still has his teaching certification. He currently serves on the Bartow County Board of Education. AND is a former Marine.

    • Sorry Chuck, but members of the Bartow County Board of Education should automatically be disqualified from seeking higher office in education. The things that they allow to happen inside their own system, including kids being questioned without so much as a school counselor present, much less a parent or a lawyer, are abominable.

  2. Jon Lester says:

    About time we have someone who’s a teacher first and administrator second, because it seems every funding increase only expands administration jobs and doesn’t actually produce results in the classroom.

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