Kingston Responds To Broun Ad – “Stop The Lies”

The email response to this ad from Paul Broun by Jack Kingston comes with a nice graphic that says “Stop The Lies”.  There are, however, no mentions of “…from the pit of hell.”  Which is a shame, because THAT would have taken it viral.  Instead, Kingston tries to explain that governing isn’t as simple as screaming “principle” and promising to vote “no” on anything and everything – something Broun likes to do even occasionally on legislation he is sponsoring.

The full text of Kingston’s response is below:

To: Friends and Supporters

From: Chris Crawford, Friends of Jack Kingston

Re: Misleading Attack on Obamacare

Some of you may have seen a misleading attack released by one of our opponents which calls into question Jack’s position on Obamacare.

The attacker intentionally takes Jack’s comments out of context to insinuate he supports the law.  The comments referenced a bill he introduced to shield small businesses from Obamacare and further undermine the law.

While some waste their time slinging mud or trying to mislead Georgians, Jack is focused on fighting Obamacare and protecting the American people from its disastrous effects.Jack has voted more than 40 times to repeal and replace the law.

To date these efforts have successfully dismantled 7 portions of the law including repealing the small business paperwork mandate, slashing billions from slush funds, and eliminating the infamous “Louisiana Purchase.”

Jack is the only candidate in this race that has voted to eliminate taxpayer-funded insurance subsidies for Members of Congress and their staffs.  He has gone a step further a voted to require the President, Vice President, and their political appointees to purchase health care on the exchanges just like everyone else.

Jack also drafted legislation that would completely defund Obamacare, rescind existing funding, and prevent another dime of taxpayer dollars from being spent to implement the law.

The record here is clear: Jack is committed to the fight against Obamacare and is the best person to take that fight to the Senate.

As Jack said Sunday on Fox & Friends, we cannot sit back and wait for the law to fall off the cliff.  We have to push it over.  If conservatives are going to win we have to shape the debate by putting forward ideas that will gain traction.


  1. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    Kingston folks need to systematically scrap away any credibility Broun may have without saying he’s too conservative. Making him look like an unstable liar who’ll say anything, is a good start.

    Broun folks need make Kingston look like an out of touch Washington moderate…. and they *have* to use Percy Mayfield’s ‘Hit the Road Jack(and don’t you come back)’ in an ad at some point in the campaign.

    Also, Kingston was actually making a good point. That just sitting back an letting ObamaCare self-destruct is irresponsible. ObamaCare is a complex bill with some parts already in effect. At this point, its not just a matter of repealing the bill and hoping everything will magically get better, we need a transition to a more sane alternative.

    Broun’s ‘plan’ doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the problems in our healthcare system.

  2. Salmo says:

    Kudos to Kingston for firing back at Broun in an intelligent manner. I’m disappointed that his campaign folks have him bashing his own staff so much, though. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with congressional staff getting an employer contribution. If they had any other job given their education and skill set, they’d likely get an employer contribution. They’ve always gotten an employer contribution.

    I get that he has to walk a fine line in this primary to prove his conservative bona fides, but pandering is pandering, and I dislike pandering. Anyone who gets all fired up about a 24-year old hillrat getting a subsidy is probably going to buy into Broun’s lies anyway.

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