Doug Collins and Patent Reform

Bravo Zulu, now hopefully the Senate will vote on the bill too. The less trolls in the world, the better.


Northeast Georgia’s Congressman: Patent reform “brings cost-saving measures to hardworking Americans”

WASHINGTON, Dec.  5 – Congressman Doug Collins (GA-09) today welcomed the passage of H.R. 3309, the Innovation Act.  Beyond giving American inventors the certainty and dignity their work deserves by protecting the value of patents, the Innovation Act brings cost-saving measures to hardworking Americans by curbing abusive patent litigation that costs our economy both  time and money.

Additionally, H.R. 3309 reforms the American patent system to increase transparency and encourage small business growth through education.

Congressman Collins said, “We started this year with a promise to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution.  Today’s vote for the Innovation Act keeps that promise in the clearest ways by strengthening the patent system that protects individual property rights and drives our economic competitiveness.” 

Collins added, “Whether you’re the person who created a product or the one who uses it, the patent system impacts you.  As a Member of the Judiciary Committee, I appreciate Chairman Goodlatte for keeping this fact at the forefront as he facilitated this effort with dedication, diligence, and bipartisanship.”

The Innovation Act passed the House with a vote of 325-91.  Full text of the bill can be found here, and an educational video on the economic impact of patents can be found here.



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