Straw Poll Results From GCSU Debate; And One Candidate Wants Some Attention

I’ll note that this is the first email I’ve received with the results of a straw poll of the CD 10 candidates after a debate yesterday evening at Georgia College and State University.  Gary Gerrard leads the field:

Gary Gerrard – 29%

Stephen Simpson – 26%

Mike Collins – 23%

Jody Hice – 17%

Brian Slowinski – 5%

Donna Sheldon is also running but did not attend the debate.

Meanwhile, Trucking Company owner Mike Collins has decided to impersonate Jean Claude Van Damme, because…Obamacare?  When you watch the following, be sure to remember one of the email headlines used to distribute it is “Republican candidate risks life doing split between moving semis, replicating Van Damme/Volvo ad”

Congrats Team Collins, you’ve managed to make Brain Slowinski’s YouTubes look campaign worthy.


  1. AtticusFinch says:

    Mike, If you are going to do something this ridiculous, at least stand on the mirrors and do the friggin’ split. If you can’t balance on the mirrors, like Jean Claude Van Damme, how you going to “balance” the budget. If you can’t do a full split straddling two huge rigs, how do you plan to straddle between the two biggest rigs in DC (Pelosi and Reid).

    You will get our vote only after we see you really imitate Jean Claude. See the real deal here:

    Or, if you can’t do the full split, how about camping out over the City of Atlanta for a few weeks on a billboard high above Atlanta to jump charge this campaign. Oh wait, somebody has already done that campaign charade (remember Cardwell for US Senate).

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