Cobb County School Board Member in Trouble?

The MDJ has an interesting piece on Cobb County School Board member David Morgan. Apparently some people are shocked that an adult would be part of a group that “dispenses free relationship advice.” Admittedly, I was a little confused for the first couple paragraphs but it seems to be that his group LUHV 2 LIVE is a cross between The View and Dr. Ruth, they just don’t have a TV show. Instead they do live shows at bars and other venues.

The story goes on to describe a facebook page that has pictures of him with “scantily-clad young women,” and various other faux outrage.

There are really only two interesting parts to this story, the rest can be summed up with “If he’s an adult and didn’t do anything illegal, who cares?”

First, is that he is the ex husband of former State Rep/ current candidate for State School Superintendent Alisha Thomas Morgan. As these shows were public and about relationships, this could be an field day for opposition research.

The second is that if a teacher had done this, they would have been fired. Teachers can get fired for having a photo of themselves holding a solo cup on Facebook. It seems to me that the double standard is the real issue. If an elected official can get away with this, then why can we fire a teacher for a photo where they’re holding a beer or a glass of champagne?

They’re human beings, let them be such. Their also adults. As long as they don’t do anything illegal or do something incredibly dumb in front of their students, we shouldn’t care.


Thanks to the good folks @GrowBrookhaven, something about being on a school board makes you a relationship expert. Dr. Joyce Marley, a Deal apointee to the Dekalb Board of Education is also a relationship expert. Her twitter handle says it [email protected]


  1. Napoleon says:

    It just seems weird, like there is something key the MDJ is leaving out. There doesn’t seem to be anything scandlous about the “shows,” just an ad or two Morgan has posted.

    • Eric The Younger says:

      Yep and weird does not always equal illegal. He’s an adult. He can do adult things if he likes, so long as he doesn’t break the law.

  2. benevolus says:

    Well, let’s admit that there is a standard of professional and ethical conduct that may not rise to “illegal” and still be unacceptable.
    Having said that, I don’t see Le grande faux pas here either.

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