Budget Battle Brewing in Douglas County

Some Douglas County residents, after last year’s 23% property tax hike and the completion of a shiny new jail most didn’t want built, aren’t happy with the Board of Commissioners 2014 budget. The BOC presents the new budget at a public courthouse meeting December 10 at 7pm.

[Brian] Miller said the BOC found a way to increase the budget close to $17 million last year, so they should be able to find a way to get it back down.

“The money is just being spread everywhere, so it’s difficult to attack just one or two items,” Miller said. “I think that’s the BOC’s job to do that, take a responsible approach to looking at the items and determining what the right needs are for our county. They certainly haven’t done that.”

Some on the BOC, including Worthan, have talked about the “Cadillac” services citizens get from the county.

Public safety accounts for just over $42 million – or 48.97 percent – of the BOC’s 2014 draft budget.

Exit question: Why does Douglas County spend 40% more on public safety than other similar-sized counties?


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