Morning Reads for Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013

By the time you read this, I’ll be gone on vacation in Vieques. But today is International Day of Persons with Disabilities, so there’s that.

Morning Reads after the jump…


  • Large development’s magical appearance next to Cobb Braves stadium explained! (AtlBizChron)
  • Outkast back together again! (clatl)
  • City going through some shrinking Payne* (41nbc)
  • Restrictions on religion cause teachers to complain (WSAV)
  • Insurance coverage on still hard to obtain (ajc)
  • Many drug dealers laid off, but one job created through legerdemain (ajc)
  • Legislators holding town hall at Georgia Regents’, someone ask them to change its name (Chronicle)

*click through to see the greatest sweatshirt ever. Second row, the one with all the nines on it.



  • Inside the Company That Created  Obamacare Flap (Newsweek)
  • Inside the Apple Store: It’s a Trap! (McSweeney’s)
  • Why the art market has been restored (New Yorker)
  • Colleges are teaching economics backward (WaPo)
  • Animals Were Harmed: The exposing of Hollywood’s lack of care (Hollywood Reporter)
  • Advice from Medicare for those running Obamacare (WaPo)
  • Kiribati  is about to be wiped out by climate change (Businessweek)
  • The way our soldiers come home is not a bargained for exchange (Mother Jones)




  1. Harry says:

    Every sports team, employer and developer these days gets a multiyear tax abatement while putting more burden on the infrastructure.

      • Ellynn says:

        He said I was right about something last week… but I hold off on declaring the world end… although this can be classified as a trend.

    • Scott65 says:

      Funny how they are raising taxes on the businesses in the district, but these guys who just magically have full drawn up plans for development adjacent to the new stadium think they should have a 10 year exemption from that tax they imposed on the rest (and he is on the board of the improvement district???). So much for the small business guy who gets screwed, but if you are a big developer you get a pass (maybe). Makes me think that more than the Cobb Commissioners knew about this ahead of time. It would be interesting to know the dates of purchase of the land surrounding the new stadium…sounds like some insider stuff going on.
      Also…reading the article, none mentions anything about adding hotel rooms. Cobb is projecting a lot of revenue from Hotel stays, but most of that revenue will be headed to Sandy Springs and Atlanta because the # of hotel rooms in Cobb is insufficient and that wont change in 3 years.

  2. Scott65 says:

    Good read on teaching economics backward. Having been taught my first (of many) Econ classes prior to ’89 I was wondering why there was a need, but I had no idea that they reversed the order after that…which I must say is pretty dumb (and really boring). Markets arent perfect and nobody lives alone on an island. If Macro came first with all the complexity and contradictions it would make micro much easier to understand and perhaps explain to most college students why they are going to have a much harder time finding employment after school then those before them.

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