Morning Reads: 2 December 2013

I trust that those that decided to fry a turkey on Thursday were able to avoid becoming an Allstate commercial over this Thanksgiving holiday. Hopefully everyone has also recovered from another wild week in the SEC. The events of Saturday should be seen as further proof that arrogance can bite you, whether it’s going for a 50+ yard field goal or a two point conversion to avoid overtime or something as simple as giving your cousin a 10 point spread on the UGA-GT game. I’m looking forward to my new bottle of champagne.

Here’s what else happened over the weekend.


200 Georgia Guard members training to go to Afghanistan.
Augusta Commissioners struggle to cover budget shortfalls, forget to look at their own travel expenses.
Sex trafficking is very real, and one Georgia woman is trying to helps its victims.
Bus Rapid Transit nixed from Braves Memo of Understanding. Makes me wonder how the County will actually deal with traffic from the games.
Tom Watson statute officially removed from Capitol steps. No word yet on any possible confusion of legislators going through wrong doors.


Alabama vs. Auburn aka “The Iron Bowl” 28-34
Arkansas vs. LSU aka “The Golden Boot” 27-31
Florida vs. Florida State aka “The Governor’s Cup”  7-37
Georgia vs. Georgia Tech aka “Clean, Old Fashioned Hate” 41-34
Kentucky vs. Tennessee aka (until 1999) “The Beer Barrel Trophy” 14-27
Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss aka “The Egg Bowl” 17-10
Missouri vs. Texas A&M aka “?” 28-21
South Carolina vs. Clemson aka “The Palmetto Bowl” 31-17
Vanderbilt vs. Wake Forest aka “?” 23-21


An interesting primer on political consultants and their role.
Passenger train derails in NYC, so far 4 dead.
White House claims success on fixing
Things I’ve known about bitcoin since college.
Ukrainian people upset that leaders won’t sign trade deal with EU.
Protests in Thailand continue.

Everything Else

I now know a lot more about North Dakota thanks to watching Ron Burgundy do the local news.
Also, here’s how to get fired from Buzzfeed.
Fast and Furious movie series star dies in car wreck.


  1. Eric The Younger says:

    Sorry for the delay this morning folks. I’m not sure why it didn’t post at 7:30 like it was supposed to.

  2. Ed says:

    Vandy vs Wake is the Battle for the Protestant Soul and aTm and Mizzou is SEC n00b fight.

    How wonderful that if tOSU wins, either they or an ACC team will become end the SEC streak.

  3. Jon Lester says:

    I didn’t know the same Ben Smith from Politico also runs BuzzFeed. That explains a lot.

    Too bad about the Panthers. We’ll just have to see how next season goes.

  4. saltycracker says:

    Guess the Rush on the Pope business will have the media asking us to choose extremes.

    Haven’t read all of the positions, but the majority of the far right never embraced “unfettered capitalism” or would let a homeless person die on the curb.

    The Pope could look no further than the Vatican on the worship of money.

    In essence his words should give all a pause to get a grip rather than choose the corrosive extremes.

    The country was founded on well regulated capitalism, property rights, real and intellectual, and history has been keen to break up attempts to do other wise.

    The Pope’s thoughts reflect the U.S. Feds working hand in hand to create financial /health public/private oligarchies in the same way Putin controls the oil companies in Russia.

    What will be nuts is the “me first” Republicans that “rush” in to defend unfettered capitalism only to find, like Russia, a very few would control a very large economy via quid pro quos with the left. The income gap would be beyond all we could imagine with most of us left out.

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