Dragon Con co-founder pleads guilty at start of molestation trial

Kramer will do 34 months of house arrest, added to the 26 he has served. From the AJC:

“Dragon Con co-founder Edward Kramer pleaded guilty Monday to three counts of child molestation for allegations dating back to 1996, according to reports.

Three separate teens — two of them brothers — accused the 52-year-old Kramer of sexually abusing them. After more than a dozen years and numerous delays, the trial that was to begin Monday ended before it started with Kramer’s plea, AM 750 and 95.5 FM WSB News/Talk Radio is reporting.

In exchange for Kramer’s guilty pleas to three counts of child molestation, prosecutors are nullifying three counts of aggravated child molestation.”

There are plenty of folks who will look at the 13-year-long parade of circumlocutions Kramer has put his victims, Dragon Con and DeKalb County through and demand hard jail time. However, I suspect Gwinnett District Attorney Danny Porter took a look at the likely cost associated with jailing a man of Kramer’s documented medical frailty and decided that keeping Kramer from tying him up with more nuisance complaints wouldn’t be worth what he’d get in a trial after putting Kramer’s victims on the stand.

Two fun facts to consider, things I gleefully enjoy repeating:

First, Dragon Con is more or less rid of him. The science fiction and fantasy convention — a southern geek paradiserecapitalized earlier this year and bought him out. He can sue, of course. But plainly at this point the convention managers were willing to accept the risk.

And second, Kramer has been represented on and off over the years by Bob-freaking-Barr, current Republican candidate for Congress. As much as I respect the principle of offering everyone a sound criminal defense, I have long wondered how Barr’s defense work for folks like Kramer and “Baby Doc” Duvalier hasn’t become more of an issue over the campaign.


  1. Will Durant says:

    “… and justice for all.”

    Apparently some can afford a little more justice than the rest of us. I will vote for the classic yellow dog before I will vote for Danny Porter in the future. Basically this guy walks away from 3 child molestation charges because he can buy both doctors and lawyers. If convicted and sentenced properly he would have been the state’s problem, not Gwinnett’s. Somehow I don’t think the prison doctors would have agreed with his private ones.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Lawyers will play the game as long as the rules (laws) set by legislators and judges allow and throw in minimum consequences for corrupt accomplices.

  3. Rick Day says:

    Karma justice has put him in that withered unattractive body. Call it naturally enhanced sentencing.

    In the end, it will not cure him of his fixation of gay sex with teenagers. Let’s be clear there were no ‘children’ molested in this creature’s case. However, he is just too creepy for anyone to be attracted to.

    Other than blind vengeance, problem solved?

  4. Tina Trent says:

    Ah, somebody’s whipped out the “vengeance” card. Yes, house arrest for molestation is certainly proof of cruel punishment. Does he get cable? Also, since when is a 14-year old not a child? That case is hopefully pending. Not everything is about greasing the skids between pedophilia and ephebophilia.

    Even if the fearful “v” word were not technically irrelevant in our legal system, it would hardly be the most pressing problem in an environment so corrupted by the defense bar that a child rapist can avoid consequences by feigning injury for more than a decade as his lawyers game the system with no consequences.

    By “gaming the system” I mean erstwhile “conservative” Bob Barr colluding to get his client released from the minimal restraints placed on him, while being tacky enough to actually parade Kramer’s case before the Federalist Society and other sober institutions as proof of prosecutorial over-reach.

    And by “walk” I mean Kramer forgetting to tell the courts he was miraculously healed, and trotting off to other states to bed in motels with little boys, then claiming to be a victim of prejudice when he got caught. Caught again, I mean.

    Pity Larry Flynt doesn’t expose that, as he once exposed Barr — just to square several ironic circles lying in the shadow of the Gwinnett courthouse. I suppose God chose only one pervert to miraculously heal, and Larry drew the short stick.

    But there certainly ought to be political consequences for being the man who told the judge that Ed was as lame as Flynt. OK, Barr didn’t really mention Flynt, but he did unnecessarily invoke Bill Clinton in his staggeringly juvenile amicus for Kramer. This story cannot get much grosser.

    Indeed, everyone deserves a defense, blah, blah. And, they get it. Hooray for America, and I mean that with all the preening sanctimony required when intoning the sacred privileges of defendants, Matt. What the accused don’t merit is a decade-plus romp via sheer deceit. Facts actually do exist out here on the non-worlock side of things, and they’re not attractive in this case.

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