Morning Reads for Friday, November 29, 2013

Welcome to the day after Thanksgiving.
AKA Black Friday
AKA National Sweatpants Day
AKA Why Did You Let Me Eat All That Day

– At this printing, the wild rumpus is in full swing. These folks started their line-sitting early.
GT student arrested after trying to break out of/into (?) The Fox.
Transparency in every pot!
– Board of Regents mulling smoking ban for all state campuses.
The Fat Lady has sung on the Braves/Cobb deal. (Don’t miss the poetic musings of Rep. Josh McKoon)

Grinchiness. Already.
BMac moving to that Yankee team.
– Coming soon to YOUR town: illegal to smoke in your own home in San Rafael, CA.
Forced vacation.

Random Everywhere:
– The waiting is over! Pysch The Musical will air December 12.
– That’s one way to raise money.
– Sick of turkey? Well, too bad.


  1. Ed says:

    There are many things to say about the people in that photo (and all the other scenes just like it). I will be charitable and refrain from printing them.

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