Pre-Thanksgiving Day Morning Reads For 27 November

Ed, who normally does the Wednesday Morning Reads, is off today.  So, you know, they probably won’t be as awesome as usual.

Let us start by wishing a Happy Birthday to Peach Pundit contributor Jon Richards.  I’m sure he’s currently out sledding or building a snowman, but I’m sure he’ll check your well wishes when he comes inside for some hot chocolate.


The only story you folks probably care about today is that Cobb County approved the Braves Stadium MOA last night.  Stefan has some analysis of the deal.  And Atlanta and Fulton County aren’t giving up.  Cue Blutarsky.

A judge is ordering a new election down in Macon as voters were voting in wrong races due to a computer error.  It’s a good thing for the Secretary of State that people only care about stadium battles.

A different judge wants Fulton County to explain why they aren’t in contempt over their constantly miserable jail.  At least they’re not screwing up an election.

I have no words for this one.  DeKalb County’s juror questionnaire lists “slave” as an occupation choice….and may have for the last 13 years?  WTF?

And Buzz will likely cover this one later, but it appears the movement to allow for new municipal school districts is gaining momentum.  Dunwoody is leading the charge.



Forget about Iran Nukes, the real news is that Alec Baldwin’s MSNBC show has been cancelled.  Rumors are the other talent and execs couldn’t stand it when he went Reaganing.

GQ – which does not exactly share Human Events editorial slant – has listed President Barack Obama among 2013’s least influential people.

The IRS, always a festive bunch this time of year, is looking at changing the campaign rules for political non-profits.  Experts say “that’s so gosh darn cute of them.

Swing State Ohio is swinging away from Obama.  So he likely won’t win re-election there.

SCOTUS is taking up the case of the ACA’s birth control mandate.

And the other stuff:

UGA Quarterback Aaron Murray had ACL surgery yesterday, officially ending his college football career.  As ESPN notes, it wasn’t supposed to end this way.  He is and always will be a damn good dawg.

UGA of course, faces Georgia Tech Saturday for some clean old fashioned hate.  What better time to bring up a Georgia Tech student searching Craigslist for someone that can teach him how to kiss.  After all, he was finally about to meet his online girlfriend of 5 years.  That’s so Tech…

Four Winds restaurant outside of Columbus will be serving free meals on Thanksgiving.  They’re the “home of the Ranger Burger”.  It’s no Ann’s Snack Bar, but a very good burger nonetheless.  And a nice gesture.

Speaking of Ann’s Snack Bar, Ann is back behind the counter after about a year of illness.  The burgers are still awesome and her smile is even better.  She’s happy to be back.

Just down the street, there is sadness that Ria Pell will not be returning to her namesake restaurant Ria’s Bluebird Cafe.  She died unexpectedly over the weekend.   The restaurant plans to reopen on Tuesday.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the first day of Hanukkah.  Y’all get out there and celebrate, be safe on the roads and don’t annoy the relatives.  But if you must….fight about Israel.

Happy Holidays.  Morning Reads will resume on Friday.



  1. xdog says:

    Two other great Americans share a birthday today, Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee, both dead too soon. I’m proud to live in a country capable of producing such cultural touchstones.

    Happy holidays to all.

  2. bgsmallz says:

    #1- “Re: Dunwoody City Schools…” I’m hopeful that Buzz and the rest push this issue as hard as they did the charter school amendment. The recent decision to deny the Druid Hills charter application shows that the DeKalb BOE has no interest in listening to its stakeholders.

    #2- The sad part about the Tech kid and Craigslist is that he had spent countless hours with a graph paper, a protractor, and his TI-85 trying to figure out the ‘formula for kissing’ only to be rejected by his own teddy bear…Craigslist was truly his last resort.

    At what point will Tech fans just realize that Richt owns their stadium…has any coach ever gone 7-0 at ‘historic’ Grant Field?

  3. Jon Lester says:

    So MSNBC got rid of Alec Baldwin but kept the rest of their resident idiots on staff. Do they really think the likes of Michael Eric Dyson could get better ratings than Baldwin? They kept Martin Bashir, too.

    Is MSNBC really just a convenient tax shelter for the parent company?

    • Ellynn says:

      FYI, Michael Eric Dyson does not have a show on MSNBC, although he does fill in for hosts when they vacation. His two-week fill-in last year @ 8:00 was so poorly rated, I doubt he would be offered a show. He’s a contracted commintator for the network and he is only on two shows that I know of at this point. Bashir is annoying, but the keep him around because of his very large contact list. Sort of the same reason Fox keeps Greta V. She and her hubby have some good contacts.

    • Harry says:

      Is MSNBC really just a convenient tax shelter for the parent company? More than that, it provides a way for GE and Microsoft to influence and benefit from the DC monopoly game.

      • Ellynn says:

        Harry you are so out of the loop…

        Microsoft and NBC did not renew their “corporate relationship” well over a year ago. The website switched over to and the station MSBNC rebanded a new MSNBC website just this last month.

        GE has not been the NBC empire’s parent company since 2011 when Comcast bought out Universal. In February, GE sold their last set of ownership stock to Comcast

  4. benevolus says:

    So some time ago these three college students got in trouble in France. Big enough trouble that they were going to be guillontined.
    Execution day comes and they bring the first student up and ask if he has any last words. Being an Alabama student he says “Roll Tide!They pull the rope and the blade comes down but gets stuck halfway. The rule was that this was fate and so they let him go.
    Next student comes up and, being a UGA student, says “Hunker Down!” The blade again gets stuck halfway down so he goes free.
    Finally the third student comes up and they ask for his last words. This student was from Georgia Tech, and he says “If you tighten that screw up there this thing will work just fine!”

  5. Will Durant says:

    I know the sole sourcing of news with only one slant was a subject that came up on another thread so I thought I would give a link to which contains links to english language sources in most countries.

    I find it useful to read the many sides to world issues. For example, Iran doesn’t think they gave anything up either though they seem to be doing more saber rattling with non-nuke items like some new war ships and a sub. The Afghans and Turks are happy that they can now legally trade with them and totally non-related to Iran, the current Afghan regime that we are supporting wants to bring back stoning for adulterers. Warning: if you can’t already tell some of these links can cause more reading than some of Stefan’s.

  6. Noway says:

    Has anyone heard whether or not those idiots in Gainesville who sponsored your daughter’s bicycle tag tax are going to be primaried next year?

  7. Harry says:

    For once, Obama agrees with me

    President Obama urged a room of Hollywood executives and employees on Tuesday to “think long and hard” about the messages gun violence sends in movies.

    “We gotta make sure that we’re not glorifying it,” Obama told the crowd at DreamWorks studio, adding that movie executives had a “big responsibility” to the viewing public. “Because the stories you tell shape our children’s outlook and their lives.”

    Obama, who has sought to push tougher gun measures after a string of mass shootings across the country, briefly touched upon meetings Vice President Biden had with Hollywood executives earlier this year. “Those conversations need to continue,” he said. “The stories we tell matter,” he continued.

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