Georgia Has Added 71,800 Jobs This Year.

Governing magazine, which principally covers state governments has compiled U.S. DOL data on job growth in the states. The good news for us is we’ve added 71,800 jobs since January 1st. As Bill pointed out last week, most of those jobs are in the Atlanta area. As Bill also says, this is still a long way from pre-recession employment levels but what do you expect when our national economy is still bumping along the bottom. Nevertheless we’re growing jobs more than most other states and keeping pace with competitors like Florida and North Carolina, and that’s not bad news.

Governing compiled monthly employment data for each state, comparing December 2012 estimates to the most recent preliminary figures for October. In terms of raw totals, the following 10 states have seen payrolls expand the most this year:

1) Texas: 208,000 (+1.9%)
2) California: 181,500 (+1.2%)
3) Florida: 166,800: (+2.2%)
4) New York: 84,300 (+1%)
5) Michigan: 72,600 (+1.8%)
6) Georgia: 71,800 (+1.8%)
7) North Carolina: 54,700 (+1.4%)
8) Illinois: 52,900 (+0.9%)
9) Washington: 51,000 (+1.8%)
10) Massachusetts: 39,800 (+1.2%)

One would expect the most populous states to dominate the list, as is shown here.

By percentage change, though, only North Dakota, Florida and Idaho have experienced job growth exceeding 2 percent. In nearly half of states (23), job growth for 2013 has yet to top 1 percent.



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