Morning Reads: 25 November 2013

Good morning everyone. For those of you going down GA 400 today, remember that there is no toll anymore but you are supposed to slow down a bit as you go through the Peach Pass side of the booth. Here’s what happened over the weekend.


An interesting thought experiment about what may happen to Cobb County elected officials after the stadium vote.
Brian McCann is going to the Yankees. In other words, he is now dead to every Braves fan.
More details continue to emerge of the Braves deal to move to Cobb County.
People are still protesting the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (aka School of the Americas) at Fort Benning.
Since there are no tolls anymore on GA 400, traffic may be a bit heavier on Monday.


Alabama v. Chattanooga 49-0
Arkansas v. Mississippi State 17-24
Florida v. Georgia Southern 20-26 (Fun Fact: Southern didn’t complete a single pass, had two turnovers, and 400+ rushing yards)
Georgia v. Kentucky 59-17
LSU v. Texas A&M 34-10
Missouri v. Ole Miss 24-10
South Carolina v. Coastal Carolina 70-10
Tennessee v. Vanderbilt 10-14

National /International

Kennedy wasn’t really one of the greatest presidents we’ve ever had.
Why the Government failed with
The FCC is considering allowing cell phone use on planes.
Some of the implications of the Nuclear option.
An Iran deal is reached, though it appears everything in this administration will be handled like the budget. It’s just a temporary stop gap for a more comprehensive deal in six months.
Afghan elders cool with troop deal, Afghan president not so much.

Everything Else

Your mind will explode but you should totally watch this video.
I’m frying a turkey this year. Should you decide to do so as well here are some good guidelines so you don’t become an Allstate commercial.
Jimmy Kimmel on Brown Thursday, Black Friday and Thanksgiving.
If anyone needs some help getting ready for Thursday, Lifehacker has your back.


  1. John Konop says:

    I am a big baseball fan and would appreciate the Braves being closer to my home. This deal demonstrates what is wrong with politics and why we need a bill for best practices before we put tax payers at risk.

    The first warning sign is why would the public finance a stadium for 30 years….when we know in less than 20 years the Braves will either hard ball negotiate major upgrades or a new stadium? Simular to the Charter School Bill, it is not about what you want? It should be first does the bill meet basic protections for tax payers. This lack of controls is why we faced the last banking fiasco. I am for people having home ownership, student going to college…….but not with tax payers taking out of control risk. This Braves deal looks like that……

    • xdog says:

      John, the memo of understanding commits the Braves to be in Cobb for 30 years beginning in 2017. Of course that’s just the copy I’ve seen; who knows what the real deal will look like.

      • xdog says:

        My previous post wasn’t clear: the Braves will be committed to terms of the MOU for 30 years. There’s no doubt the Cobb Authority will be a junior partner, although that fact might surprise Lee et al.

        • DeKalb Wonkette says:

          Hmmm. Let’s review: Just over a year ago voters rejected a plan developed by industry representatives and elected officials. This year, a few of those same elected officials developed a plan – behind closed doors with the Braves – to move the team to their county.
          What lesson did they fail to learn after the T-SPLOST vote?

          Irrespective of the merits of this, the people ought to have been consulted.

        • John Konop says:

          The devil is always in the details of the deal……stadiums only last 20 years at best before demands of moving, upgrades……take place. I wonder what the obligations and or penalties for walking on a 30 year lease? Also what are the obligations on the county for maintaining a 30 year lease for the Braves ie outs in contract? You understand if it is just rent payments 2mm a year is nothing for the Braves to just say goodbye! The reason they keep upgrading is teams make out huge on the new facilities, way more they just a few million dollars a year.

          Braves are very smart, would not be caught in an old stadium with no options.

          • Three Jack says:

            Whatever the case is against Lee and the commission, it should be coordinated by someone actually living in Cobb County. I heard Debbie Dooley on the 105.7 this morning announcing that she is leading a protest against the stadium at the Mtn View Community Center today which ironically is not even close to the actual proposed location of the stadium. (no surprise that Dooley would make such a mistake). The last thing this debate needs is Double D sticking her nose in it, but it seems she just can’t avoid the need for ego stroking publicity.

            • John Konop says:


              In fairness, Debbie is trying to make a macro point about protecting tax payers against deals that are not well thought-out. As you know we tax payers have been left holding the bag on deals……while the private side made and or had all the upside, while we tax payers got caught with the bill. I do not have to remind you of the screw ups from the past…….

              • Three Jack says:


                Wrong. Debbie tracks to the stories that will give her the most exposure even when not in her home county.

                If Cobb County taxpayers want to oppose this stadium deal, then they should do so without the burden of having to feed the enormous publicity appetite of Double D.

                • John Konop says:

                  Your comment is very personal in nature…..I personally like Debbie, and agree or not with her she does her homework. usually you guys agree way more than you disagree on issues…..not sure why you feel that way about her?

            • bgsmallz says:

              I’m surprised she has time to do anything…I thought she and her broad coalition of the Sierra Club and the DeKalb NACCP were supposed to be solving transportation?

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Tea Party idol Allen West:

    Tweet: Oprah may have inadvertently revealed the real reason for the government takeover of health care: “racist cleansing”

    His Website: “So the cuts in Medicare, leading to fewer doctors treating seniors, leading to a reduction in access to care and therefore the rationing of care itself is part and parcel of the grand plan to actually hasten the death of all the old, white racists.”

    • xdog says:

      I believe Senator-in-waiting Paul Broun voted for Allen West to be Speaker back in January. Good to see West didn’t let his loss to Boehner keep him down.

      • Dave Bearse says:

        I’d forgotten that Paul Broun and Texas’ Louie Gohmert voted for Allen West. Broun keeps good company.

  3. Scott65 says:

    Alabama vs UTC???? Oh well, here with family in S. FL niece is a junior at AL, sister went to AL…lets just say a lot of #1 and roll tide going on here….and wild hatred of Auburn. Glad I will be headed home and not subjected to the entire AL/Auburn game full of yelling and screaming Saturday

  4. bgsmallz says:

    Here’s why I’m still mad the 400 toll is going away.

    “Traffic is expected to jump an estimated 20 percent.”

    Pandering to North Fulton – 1
    Metro Atlanta Traffic- 0

    Thanks, Governor Deal!

    • Dave Bearse says:

      The elimination of the toll may nominally adversely impact the top end Perimeter, and favorably impact I-75 and I-85 ITP. There were likely some road users a few miles on either side of GA400 that used I-285 to or from I-75 or I-85 to avoid the toll. Those users may now join the morning peak I-285 movement toward GA400, and the afternoon peak I-285 movement away from GA400.

  5. Ellynn says:

    My third cousin has protested at Fort Benning a few times, along with members of her congregation. These women are some strong-willed nuns. They lost a sister to a SOA trained fighter in Nicaragua I believe in 1987 or so. The next year a SOA trained group shot our mutual second cousin, who at the time was a newly ordained bishop, and killed his housekeeper and a novice. God help the people who make nuns mad…

    Lets hope the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation teaches a class on “How Not to Annoy Nuns”. It will go a long way to prevent future issues and protesting.

    • Charlie says:

      Have never eaten at her restaurant, but had just put it on my list of places I had missed and needed to try. Was down there last week but passed it by and went to Ann’s Snack bar instead. Ria will be missed.

      On happier news, Ann is back behind the counter after a year of illness. 41+ years into the business, and still the best hamburger in America.

      • Ed says:

        “went to Ann’s Snack bar instead.”

        Trying someplace new, I see.

        Anyway, that stretch of Memorial would not be what it is now if it weren’t for Ria.

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