Metro Atlanta Chamber Names New President

The Metro Atlanta Chamber has decided on a new president, replacing Sam Williams, who announced his attention to retire earlier this year. The new president is former Arby’s Restaurant Group president Hala Moddelmog, who will take the helm on January 6th. The AJC has the full story.

Williams’ retirement follows last year’s unsuccessful effort to pass the TSPLOST, and the installation of Moddelmog as the new leader could be the start of a Chamber less involved in politics that what’s been seen over the last several years. If so, it would follow what has happened in Gwinnett County, where the Gwinnett Chamber’s former CEO, Jim Maran, retired early this year. The Gwinnett Chamber also supported the TSPLOST, and got involved in last years Charter School Debate. New Gwinnett Chamber President Dan Kaufman has indicated the organization will have a lesser focus on shaping public policy.


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