Qualifying Ends For Two Open State House Seats

Earlier today qualifying ended in two open State House seats. House District 2 is open because Jay Neal left to take a position in the Department of Corrections. Three candidates qualified to take his place in the House:

Neal Florence (R) – La Fayette
Steve Tarvin (R) – Chickamauga
Doug Woodruff (R) – Ringgold

Former Rep. Neal wasted no time letting it be known who he does not want to take his place:

I am excited to see two very capable, outstanding gentlemen qualify for House District 2. I would be proud to have Neal Florence or Doug Woodruff serve as my State Representative. Best of luck to these gentlemen as they begin reaching out to the voters of HD2 in preparation for the special election January 7th. My message to the voters of HD2: GET OUT AND VOTE FOR NEAL FLORENCE OR DOUG WOODRUFF!!!!!!

Tarvin ran against Neal last year for House District 2 and garnered 43.03% of the vote.

Qualifying also concluded today to fill a vacancy in House District 22 made vacant by the passing of Representative Calvin Hill. Four people qualified to fill the seat:

Meagan Biello (R) – Ball Ground
Nate Cochran (R) – Alpharetta
Jeff Duncan (R) – Ball Ground
Sam Moore (R) – Ball Ground

The special election for these positions will take place on Tuesday January 7, 2014. Those wishing to vote in these elections must be registered to vote no later than December 9, 2013.

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