Morning Reads — Warning Edition

Before you go any further… if you are as awesome as I am, cease reading these MRs. If you want to be elevated to levels ne’er before seen on this terra firma… keep reading.

Buck Owens & The Derailers with “Play Me the Waltz of the Angels”


  1. penguin says:

    Breaking: Brouns credibility rebounds as Supreme Court affirms, in a 5-4 decision, his insistence on “original intent” constitutional interpretation, and ruling the constitution doesn’t apply to women. Akin problem averted…

  2. penguin says:

    The list of best new restaurants strikes me not so much as “best” but as “new restaurants that opened and got a lot of hype before opening”

  3. Lea Thrace says:

    RE: The GT millionaire link:

    What those jokers don’t tell you is that the real money only comes if you have engineering in the title of your degree. Curse me for going the biochemistry route. Who can I sue about the lack of ROI?!!

    In all seriousness, this news is no huge surprise and I could not have asked for a better school to attend. Go Jackets!

    • atl_man says:

      Yea that stinks. You could have majored in chemical engineering – the highest paying engineering field by the way – and taken 80% of the same courses that you did with a chemistry degree.

      By the way … you can go to pretty much any engineering school and get a master’s in chemical engineering in about 18 months. It doesn’t even need to be well-known one. It would just be a master’s in chemical engineering to combine with your Georgia Tech degree. Just a thought …

  4. saltycracker says:

    Presidentialisms: You can keep what you got/no new (taxes, insurance, whatever) – caveat – the final decision is mine.

    • saltycracker says:

      BTW – for Bush it was dumb because he didn’t have a crystal ball and for Obama it was an outright deception because he intended to raise the legal minimums.

      • atl_man says:


        First off, do not mistake me for an Obama voter or supporter of any kind. (As a matter of fact the guy that I liked best was Ron Paul and am considering registering to vote for Paul Broun.) But why is it OK for insurance companies to raise insurance premiums (without any real explanation) and cancel policies (again with no justification that makes sense) on their own, but horrible for them to do so because of government policies like Obamacare? That’s the reality. People were getting raked over the coals by insurance companies long before Obamacare, and that will continue even after Obamacare goes away. That’s why even if the GOP wins this Obamacare fight, it will be a hollow victory. The healthcare issue (which is really an insurance company issue) isn’t going to go away, and the GOP doesn’t have any real policy for dealing with it. And not just the health care issue. The GOP is developing real problems with working class voters because of the behavior of corporate America in general. Maybe they won’t vote Democrat – especially if the Democrats keep nominating left liberals like Obama – but they will certainly choose sitting at home over voting for people who carry water for the insurance, banking, oil etc. companies like McCain and especially Romney.

        Unless the GOP develops a populist streak that offers real policy and rhetoric to appeal to blue collar and middle class white voters, winning on Obamacare won’t do them a lick of good. They’ll still lose the Senate in 2014, still lose the White House in 2016, and still have long term demographic problems with the electorate.

  5. bgsmallz says:

    The NYT article is excellent…a thoughtful look at Atlanta and the stadium move vs. the knee-jerk tripe that was churned out in the wake of the announcement. They even included a map!

    Chris Leinberger’s study on Atlanta and the trend of ‘urban walkups’ as community hubs is linked in the story, but thought it was worth putting here since some folks might be opposed to clicking on a NYT link out of principle…

    “Of course, without any train transportation or meaningful bus service, people will still have to travel on Atlanta’s famously congested freeways to get there”—is there any doubt that transit is the lynchpin in all of this?

    And let’s just stop with the BRT nonsense…either do it right…meaning rail…or save the money for never-ending road expansion…

    Someone can correct me bu heavy rail has a capacity of 36,000 people per hour…light rail has a capacity of roughly 15,000 people per hour…one lane on the highway has a capacity of 2,400 people per hour…a BRT system with a fully dedicated lane, which isn’t what anyone has been talking about to my knowledge, has a capacity of 7,000 people per hour…if we are really serious about congestion, rail will follow. If we are really serious about being penny wise and pound foolish…

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