King America Finishing Gets a New Discharge Permit

A few years back, some 38,000 dead fish were found in the Ogeechee River. After some investigation, Screven County’s King America Finishing was found to have discharged chemicals into the river without a permit. While the company never accepted blame for the fish kill, they paid a $1 million fine. This led to lawsuits, and one of the most difficult to complete wastewater discharge permits on record.

The company was issued a discharge permit by the Georgia EPD that will be the most highly regulated in the state.

“This new permit and consent order are based on a significant amount of time and effort from the associates in the EPD Watershed Protection Branch,” said EPD Director Judson Turner. “The process also involved public comment and feedback, which helped to improve both the order and the permit. The result will be longterm environmental benefits for this important river.”

Replacing the original $1 million order, the agreement includes the company’s funding several Supplemental Environmental Projects, including two river studies, improvements to the City of Millen’s wastewater treatment plant and monitoring of the discharge from the plant at a cost of $1.3 million, and $2.5 million for upgrades to improve King America Finishing’s wastewater treatment processes.


  1. segafamily says:

    It’s amazing to me just how much criminal conduct by management of large companies such as this are just swept under the rug. We all know that at least one or more members in management of this company knew about the illegal and dangerous discharge, yet no one is charged much less serves a day in jail. It was a business decision to break the law weighed against the cost of doing it legally or getting caught. What a sad statement that says about of government that turns its head on corporate wrongdoing.

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