Handel Announces Statewide Endorsements

While Senate Candidate #8 announces he has a website (hopefully that means there’s also a Twitter and Facebook page) Karen Handel has announced her state wide endorsement list. My own two cents is that it’s a nice list too.

Today, I am excited to announce a list of local leaders from across Georgia who are joining Team Handel.

“We can all agree that Washington is a mess. Georgia’s next Senator must be someone who will have the courage to take on the tough issues and put solving our nation’s problems ahead of the next election,’’ said Mike Berg, Commission Chair, Dawson County.

“Karen is one of us—and she won’t forget it. Karen is from the grassroots. She understands the importance of being a partner in making our communities a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family,” said Nancy Thrash, Commissioner, Lamar County.

Mike and Nancy are just a couple of the many people I am proud to have supporting my campaign.

The momentum behind our campaign continues to grow. Help us keep the momentum by joining our team today!


DC Aiken, Councilman, Alpharetta
Vicki Anderson, Commissioner, Carroll County
Patrick Bell, Former Commissioner, Forsyth County
Mike Berg, Commission Chair, Dawson County
Hunter Bicknell, Former Commissioner, Jackson County
Linda Blechinger, Mayor, Auburn
Marsha Anderson Bomar, Councilman, Duluth
Elaine Boyer, Commissioner, DeKalb County
Larry Bradley, Councilman, Monroe
Steve Brown, Commission Chair, Fayette County
Michael Cross, Councilman, Alpharetta
Tibby Dejulio, Councilman, Sandy Springs
Nancy Diamond, Councilman, Roswell
Dianne Fries, Councilman, Sandy Springs
Jim Gilvin, Councilman, Alpharetta
John Harley, Mayor, Centerville
Nancy Harris, Mayor, Duluth
David Belle Isle, Mayor, Alpharetta
Joe Lockwood, Mayor, Milton
Reggie Loper, Commission Chair, Effingham County
Tom Lowe, Commissioner, Fulton County
Bates Mattison, Councilman, Brookhaven
Donald Mitchell, Councilman, Alpharetta
Bob Ott, Commissioner, Cobb County
Chris Owens, Councilman, Alpharetta
Donna Pittman, Mayor, Doraville
Mike Ragland, Commissioner-Elect, Floyd County
Katie Reeves, School Board member, Fulton County
Dennis Roland, Commissioner, Lee County
Kelly Spratt, Commission Chair, McIntosh County
Jim Still, Mayor, Mountain Park
Nancy Thrash, Commissioner, Lamar County
Billy Webster, Commissioner, Putnam County
Rebecca Chase Williams, Councilman, Brookhaven
Vince Williams, Mayor, Union City
Becky Wynn, Councilman, Roswell
Jere Wood, Mayor, Roswell
Tom Wortham, Commissioner, Douglas County

These local leaders are endorsing my campaign because they all agree that Washington is broken and that if we expect new results, we must elect new leaders — leaders who will be willing to take on the tough issues and who will put achieving results ahead of the next election. I am that leader.

I will bring fresh perspectives and new thinking to Washington, but I need your support. Sign up to become a part of our team today.

Thank you for your support.


Karen Handel for U. S. Senate


  1. xdog says:

    Red, white, blue, and green. That last color is interesting. I wonder if its choice is mere marketing, trying to send a message without committing to do anything in the way of pols forever, or if it indicates an effort to get some of the greens and young on board.

    Handel has shown she doesn’t mind bashing government, as long as she’s safely clear, and nothing would be easier than to go down to Effingham County and lay into EPD for taking years to find out KA was dumping. Or she could weigh in on the state’s local reservoir program and suggest long thought before pumping water across watersheds.

    She wouldn’t have to go very far at all to stand out from the rest of the candidates and might get a big return in votes for very little effort.

  2. Napoleon says:

    For a “statewide” endorsement list, it’s awfully heavy on North Fulton and the parts of DeKalb, Cobb, and Gwinnett that touch North Fulton. I can probably take a compass, put the point on her house, and draw a 50 mile circle that has most of these endorsements inside.

    Out of her 42 endorsements, 16 come from Fulton and most from North Fulton. The north metro (Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb and Gwinnett) are more than 1/2 of her endorsements.

    Of the 18 (out of 159 or 11.3% of the state) counties the endorsement comes from, 12 are part of Metro Atlanta.

    For a someone who has already ran statewide, twice, color me very unimpressed with this list.

    • TheEiger says:

      “I can probably take a compass, put the point on her house, and draw a 50 mile circle that has most of these endorsements inside. ”

      The counties that make up that 50 mile circle you just drew also makes up about 30% of all Republican primary voters. So I can color you as uninformed.

  3. Josh McKoon says:

    Some of us outside Metro Atlanta support Karen too, although the overwhelming majority of the GOP primary vote is found north of I-20.

    Sen. Josh McKoon, Karen Handel for Senate, Statewide Campaign Co-Chair

  4. northside101 says:

    In the 2010 Republican primary for governor, about 60 percent of all votes were cast north of Interstate 20. Georgia north of I-20 includes almost all of Cobb County (except for small part in heavily Democratic Six Flags area), which usually is the state’s #1 county in total GOP primary votes—60,529 in the 2010 primary. Also falling within the north of I-20 region is Gwinnett (#2 that year with 60,278 primary votes). #3 in 2010 was Fulton (42,407 total votes), and almost all of that county’s solid GOP precincts are north of I-20. DeKalb (most of which is north of 20) was #4 with 23,513 votes and Cherokee was #5 with 22,130 total votes. Going further out to the “Fall Line” (Columbus-Macon-Augusta), or the “Gnat Line” as some call it, of the top 12 counties in the 2010 GOP primary, only one was below the Gnat Line—Chatham (Savannah) with 16,725 votes.

    Bottom 12 counties in 2010 GOP primary?
    #159 (dead last)—Taliaferro (along I-20 east of Lake Oconee)—26 total GOP primary votes
    #158—————-Hancock (between Macon and Augusta)——-70 total GOP primary votes
    #157—————-Quitman (southwest Georgia)——————-79
    #156—————-Echols (Florida line near Valdosta)————-93
    #155—————-Chattahoochee ((Ft Benning/ below Columbus)–105
    #154—————-Stewart (one county below Chattahoochee)——-144
    #153—————-Webster (east of Stewart County)——————-156
    #152—————-Clay (southwest Georgia)—————————-184
    #151—————-Calhoun (southwest Georgia)————————203
    #150—————-Glascock (between Macon/Augusta)—————219
    #149—————-Baker (southwest Georgia)————————–222
    #148—————-Treutlen (On I-16 between Macon/Savannah)—-250

    Notice all 12 of the “bottom counties” are entirely or partially below I-20.

    Winner of most counties is not always the statewide winner in Georgia. In 1980 US Senate race, Herman Talmadge won 130 of the state’s 159 counties—but still lost to Mack Mattingly because the latter won almost all of the state’s top 10 voting counties (one exception being Bibb County/Macon). Same is true nationally—Romney won something like 2400 of the nations’ 3100-odd counties—but Romney carried only 4 of the 39 counties in the USA with over a million people (and those 39 counties accounted for about 25 percent of all votes nationally cast in that contest).

    • Dave Bearse says:

      I love the ballot numbers you include in your comments and analysis. Not knocking your point about I-20…..Seven of the 12 counties identified are the seven least populated. Three others are among the next eight least populated.

      I suspect Ft. Benning explains Chattahoochee’s relatively high population ranking relative to the others. Chattahoochee may have a comparatively small fraction of electors relative to population.

      Hancock is 3/4 African-American, by far the highest fraction in the state (next is 62%), 7th highest percentage in the US, which explains it primary vote ranking: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._counties_with_African_American_majority_populations

      120. Chattahoochee
      131. Hancock

      145. Treutlen
      148. Calhoun
      150. Stewart

      153. Echols
      154. Baker
      155. Clay
      156. Glascock
      157. Webster
      158. Quitman
      159. Taliaferro

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