Gingrey Comments On Staff Changes

From Congressman Phil Gingrey:

“I’m deeply grateful and appreciative of their efforts on behalf of my campaign, without which we could not have gotten this far. They helped us get up and running and saw us through its first phase, up to my “Repeal or Go Home” pledge. And now as my campaign enters its next phase, I remain committed to my pledge to repeal Obamacare or return home and am energized by the support and encouragement I continue to receive.”



  1. John Konop says:


    Who do you think gains most by the blow-up if at all? I would guess Karen via her being the strongest metro Atlanta candidate ie highest name recognition from Gingrey supporters. You are the one with big time inside knowledge, who is it? Would like to here other opinions, hopefully done in professional manner not spewing at everyone you do not support.

    • TheEiger says:

      In the Governor’s race Karen won Cobb county both in the primary and in the runoff. So I think you are right to assume she will have the most to gain from Gingrey imploding. With that said she has a chance of beating Gingrey in Cobb county even if he stays in the race because she did extremely well in East Cobb during the Governor’s race and that is a portion of Cobb that Gingrey has never represented. His gaffs also continue to worry people about his electability in the general. Everyone in the race gains from Gingrey imploding or even eventually getting out of the race. Karen is the one that has the most to gain from Gingrey stepping out of the race.

  2. Napoleon says:

    Gingrich had a staff exodus and still rallied to win a couple of states. We have 6 1/2 months before the primary and Gingrey still has the highest name rankings in the polls. However, if he doesn’t vastly improve his fundraising, it won’t matter.

    PS Did anyone else get the Paul Broun mailer yesterday?

  3. Frankly I don’t think this changes the trajectory of the campaign very much. Chip is a very good operative and will be a clear loss to Gingrey.

    That said, there are more than six months until the election and Gingrey has banked more funds than anyone. He’s an incumbent with a good (though not terribly defining) issue: Obamacare.

    Political folks often want to write political obituaries as if campaigns were linear creatures. But in reality campaigns are more like rushing rivers and everyone bumps rocks, some harder than others. Consultants being hired, quitting, fired, on leave or what ever — are just one or a few pieces of the puzzle. They (we, you, all of us) can affect the outcome, but do not actually determine it.

    The candidate and all their life experience, assets, resources and personal decision making does.

    Remember this from July 2007? McCain aides gone, broke, campaign finished, etc.

    “McCain Loses Key Aides Amid Fund-Raising Woes”

    By the way — I’m just writing this casually and analytically. I have no stake in this other than a that of a Georgian.

    • tdk790 says:

      I think the trouble is different here. It isn’t about vacationing instead of campaigning (Newt) or being hammered for poor fundraising (McCain).

      New consultants (or the jolt of losing your old ones) could fix laziness or fundraising for Newt & McCain. But that isn’t the issue here.

      Gingrey’s troubles have been Gingrey. From Akin to guns to $174,000, Gingrey has well earned his numerous mentions in articles under “unless the nominee is Broun or Gingrey.” And I don’t think you can “undo” that in six months, no matter who’s in charge.

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