Gingrey Campaign Team Walks

Congressman Phil Gingrey’s campaign team resigned en masse yesterday.  The news broke in The Daily Caller and has been confirmed by Peach Pundit:

Gingrey’s general consultant Chip Lake, campaign manager John Porter, political director David Allen and political adviser Justin Tomczak, left the campaign Monday, a source close to the campaign told The Daily Caller.

Allen, reached by phone Monday evening, confirmed that he and the other staffers had left.

“We just had a difference of opinions,” he said, saying that the disagreement was something “we couldn’t overcome.”

It’s not going to be a good day for Phil Gingrey.



  1. KD_fiscal conservative says:

    Chip probably wanted to run a smear campaign, something he’s been very good at, I guess gingry wasn’t on board.

  2. bkeahl says:

    His wouldn’t be the first campaign to pull itself out of the ditch, but I really don’t see it either. Gingrey isn’t all that dynamic a presence.

    I always figured the field would thin a bit, with some of the candidates not even qualifying, but I underestimated how quickly folks jumped into the races for their old seats once announcing for Senate.

    I’d be worried about losing so many experienced elected officials, but Obama & Company have pretty much handed us 2014. All we have to do is not drive our own bus into the ditch!

    • Michael Silver says:

      All we have to do is not drive our own bus into the ditch! …..

      Dude, we are the Republican Party. The stupid party. Of course, we are going to drive the bus into the ditch. Heck, we’re going to run out of gas just before going into the ditch.

      • Demonbeck says:

        Wait. What?

        Are you telling me that you aren’t supposed to drive in the ditch? How am I supposed to get mud on this new Toyota pickup my campaign got me so I would look like a workin’ man?

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