House Passes Keep Your Health Plan Act

The U.S. House voted 261-157 to pass the Keep Your Health Plan Act, which would allow the purchase of health insurance policies not meeting the standards required by Obamacare.

Georgia’s congressmen voted 9-5 in favor of passage. Yes votes came from Kingston, Westmoreland, Price, Woodall, Austin Scott, Collins, Gingrey, Barrow and Graves. Votes against the bill were cast by Bishop, Johnson, Lewis, Broun and David Scott.

We’re starting to get press releases. Find them below the fold.

Rep. Tom Price:

Congressman Tom Price, M.D. (GA-06), voted today to help restore health care coverage for the millions of Americans who have been forced out of their insurance plans due to Obamacare. He applauded the overwhelming bipartisan passage of the Keep Your Health Plan Act, saying:

“For years, Republicans have warned that despite President Obama’s emphatic promises to the contrary, insurance companies would not be able to keep many patients on their plans due to Obamacare. Today, millions upon millions of our fellow Americans are receiving notices that their current policies have become more expensive or, worse, have been cancelled altogether.

“The Keep Your Health Plan Act is an effort by House Republicans to hold President Obama accountable and force him to honor his promise: that if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. Obamacare is truly beyond repair. House Republicans, along with the dozens of Democrats who voted with us today, do not believe millions of innocent Americans should be harmed further by this disastrous law.”

Rep. Paul Broun:

U.S. Congressman Paul Broun, M.D. (GA-10) today released the following statement regarding H.R. 3350, Keep Your Health Plan Act. The bill, which passed in the House today, would allow health insurance companies to continue to offer plans that were outlawed under Obamacare through 2014.

“I voted against the Keep Your Health Plan Act because I am serious about putting a stop to Obamacare, and this bill does nothing to address Obamacare in the long-term. We need to focus on real reform that will actually lower costs and deliver quality care, not waste time with another delay or ‘fix,’” said Rep. Broun. “Last night, I hosted a Constituent Conference Call with the residents of the 10th district of Georgia, and an overwhelming majority, 90%, supported a full repeal of Obamacare over a short-term fix. Their voices mirror those of the majority of Americans: they want a repeal, and they also want solutions. I have that solution, H.R. 2900, the Patient OPTION Act. My Patient OPTION Act would make health insurance cheaper for everyone, provide access to quality care for all Americans, and save Medicare from going broke. As a medical doctor, it is important to me that all Americans have access to the quality and affordable care that they deserve, and I will not stop fighting until we reach this goal. H.R. 3550 won’t help us achieve that goal, and as a result, I could not support it.”

Rep. Jack Kingston:

Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) today joined with a bipartisan majority in the U.S. House of Representatives in advancing the ‘Keep Your Health Plan Act.’

The bill would allow plans currently available on the individual market to be offered next year, giving millions of Americans the opportunity to keep their policies that otherwise would be cancelled as a result of Obamacare.

“In campaigning for Obamacare, the President had a constant refrain: ‘if you like your health care, you can keep it,’” said Congressman Jack Kingston, who cosponsored the legislation. “Now we know that even his own staff warned him years ago that was simply not true. This proposal gives the President an opportunity to keep his promise and to shield millions of Americans from Obamacare’s unaffordable premiums.”

According to recent media reports, the President’s own advisors were warned him as early as July 2010 that as many as half of the 14 million Americans who purchase health insurance on the individual market would not be able to keep their coverage. Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens has estimated that could include 400,000 Georgians.

Figures release this week revealed that just 536 Georgians have enrolled in a health plan through the government’s glitch-riddled website.

“This is more than just a broken promise or a broken website,” Kingston said. “It’s a broken law that is harming the American people. It must be repealed and replaced. Let’s come together to advance reforms that brings down the cost, expand access, and improve the quality of health care.”

Among those reforms, Kingston says, are medical liability reform to curtail costly and unnecessary defensive medicine, expanding associated health plans to give small businesses and individuals the same purchasing power as big businesses, and allowing for the purchase of insurance across state lines.

“By empowering patients and doctors over government bureaucrats, we can make health care more affordable and accessible,” Kingston said. “Those were the President’s stated goals for health care reform. Unfortunately, Obamacare has done just the opposite.”

Rep. Phil Gingrey:

Rep. Phil Gingrey, M.D., today voted for the ‘Keep Your Health Plan’ Act of 2013, which passed the House with a 261-157 margin. This legislation allows health plans available on the individual market today to be offered next year, providing millions of Americans the opportunity to keep their policies in 2014. The bill also protects patients from the individual mandate penalty.

“This legislation brings much-needed relief to the millions of Americans who have lost – and will continue to lose – their health insurance policies due to Obamacare,” Gingrey said. “This week, the administration attempted to sweep up the ‘if you like it, you can keep it’ mess with a political ploy, addressing only a small fraction of health plans in the path of this ‘train wreck’ law. If President Obama were serious about protecting patients, he would have worked with Congress rather than issuing a veto threat for this bill.”

Rep. Tom Graves:

U.S. Rep. Tom Graves (R-GA-14) issued the following statement after voting for, and the House passed, the Keep Your Health Care Plan Act, which would allow insurance companies to continue offering health care plans in effect for 2013 in order to curb or possibly reverse the millions of cancellations that have resulted from Obamacare:

“My heart aches for the millions of Americans who are suffering today because of President Obama’s broken promises. While there may not be enough time for insurance companies to reopen health care plans that have been canceled, I voted for this bill with the hope that it might save even one family I represent from losing a plan they want to keep. After six disastrous weeks, I believe the best way to fix Obamacare is to repeal the law.”


  1. saltycracker says:

    Bill titles are tricky. Did they keep the Obama non-compliant plans on the market for another year for any purchaser or for just those that presently hold the specific policy ?
    I’d assume the latter making this a symbolic protest.

          • saltycracker says:

            Google the strike in the CA bay area. Nurses average $136k per yr and fighting a change in healthcare benefits. Working good for my people as I just got a call from one asked to fly in as temp work (lodging provided) until resolved……@$120 hour.

            Gotta love CA and unions !

              • seenbetrdayz says:

                Good god man, in what universe is 136K/year considered “scraping by”?

                Well, aside from the land of fruits and nuts, I mean.

              • saltycracker says:

                Nah, a big increase in insurance premiums, govt largesse and taxes on the workers will do just fine. The shareholders will ultimately be protected by our Democrat legislators and lobbyists limiting competition, protecting special interests, passing out exemptions and crushing the little or rural hospitals.

  2. seenbetrdayz says:

    Well, Good job Republicans for bailing out the Democrats and seeing them through another election. I’m sure they’ll never repay you for it one day. I guess there’s always 2016.

    • saltycracker says:

      The insurance manager I was with last night was so upset over the situation, any political conversation was off the table. Then it got worse, 4th & 18, seconds to go in a great comeback…..

    • saltycracker says:

      Republican turn out could be poor with a “me first” bunch of candidates, unless they are in a me first friend group and Democrats will turn out believing they might get something out of the public honeypot.

      • seenbetrdayz says:

        The GOP will probably nominate some relatively non-inspiring throwback like McCain or Romney who promises to send a million more troops to the middle east and stay there for eternity. So, yeah, it’s not like the democrats need any help when the powers that be in the GOP push its worst candidates to the front.

        And yet, this is quite an added gift to the democrats to postpone one of the most unpopular parts of O-care until after 2014.

        It is said we are governed by the evil party and the stupid party. It’s getting easier to tell which one is which.

  3. Napoleon says:

    Might as well have called it “The Putting the Genie Back in the Bottle Act” or “The Closing Pandora’s Box Act.” Or better than that, “The Let’s Take All the Blame for Obamacare’s Faliures on Ourselves Act.”

  4. dlscott1111 says:

    Great Job Republicans!!! Bail the Dems out of a Jam by delaying this past the 2014 elections!!! Brilliant move!!!

    • saltycracker says:

      The real story is that Obamacare is a train wreck and the bigger fool republicans jumped into a pothole so we can continue on the road to hell.

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