Who Are the 1,390?

Over at his blog, Jamie Dupree is reporting that a total of 106,185 people have signed up for Obamacare nationwide. Of these, 1,390 are from the great state of Georgia. That puts us at #12 in state signups, way behind California and New York.

California had the most with 35,364, followed by New York at 16,404, then Washington State at 7,091 – all three of those states are running their own exchanges.

Of the states that are going through the federal exchange, the highest numbers came from Florida (7th overall) at 3,571, followed by Texas with 2,991.

No enrollment results were reported for the state run exchanges in Hawaii, Massachusetts, Oregon or Washington, D.C.

According to Dupree, “signed up” means someone has added a policy to their cart, but not necessarily paid for it.

With just over a month to go in order to get covered on January 1st, the healthcare websites have signed up seven tenths of one percent of the people needed to make the exchanges work.


  1. saltycracker says:

    Signing up everyone on a Federal payroll would give it a boost.
    Increase their pay likewise, one time only, and lock in costs now.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    The GAO ruled that some of the administration’s ads promoting the new program were illegal and others were misleading. GAO investigators also found that the White House illegally withheld data from Congress on the cost of the new law. The Congressman who crafted the bill soon left Capitol Hill for K Street, where he made millions of dollars annually as a heath care lobbyist.

    The new federal web site allowing people to compare plans and prices was delayed by weeks, while just 300 customer service reps manned the phones to help new enrollees. Six million people immediately lost their coverage, while hundreds of thousands more would be refused treatment because of malfunctions in the computer systems linking providers and insurers.

    Governors in mostly Democratic states spent billions to continue coverage for their residents, while the President requested insurance companies not to cut off their current policyholders. Nevertheless, the White House sided with insurers and rejected bipartisan calls to delay the enrollment deadline even as public approval plummeted to 25 percent. John Boehner called the rollout of the President’s signature domestic policy achievement “horrendous.”

    Name that decade. (Foregoing largely from Daily Kos).

  3. saltycracker says:

    Not a fun time to be an agent either: Insurance companies are confused and unable to give their customers clear answers and swamped trying to place renewals.

    The WH will pass the blame and the believers will dance benghazi style.

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