Collins Organized All 25 Counties in the 10th

10th district congressional candidate Mike Collins sent out a presser detailing the newly-added chairs and co-chairs for his campaign. While it isn’t especially exciting for those of us not in the 10th, it is worth noting that his campaign has managed to organize people in counties that the Georgia Republican Party has not.

Mike Collins Announces Organization in All 10th District Counties
Jackson, GA—Today, Mike Collins announced that his campaign is organized in all 25 counties of Georgia’s 10th congressional district. He is the first candidate to announce this level of organization.

“I’m very excited and humbled that this many folks have stepped up to take a leadership role in our campaign,” said Collins. “These people are known and respected in their communities and have agreed to work on behalf of my campaign. They understand that spreading our message to overhaul the way business is done in Washington, DC is critical in getting our economy back on track.”

Mike has crisscrossed all 25 counties of the district since announcing his candidacy in May, asking residents to join his grassroots campaign.

“As I travel this district, people tell me how fed up they are with the politicians,” continued Collins. “I have yet to come across someone who believes that our problems stem from having too many business people in Congress. I’m glad to know my business background is resonating.”

The Collins Campaign has organized the 25 counties with 52 county chairs and co-chairs.

The list of chairs is below the fold.

Ted Smith
Mac Leskosky

Brenda Jones
Royce Jones

Clyde Newman
Dan Rivers
Clint Crowe

Brittany Rose
Derrick Felix

Bobby Willis
Adam Willis

Kimberly Hawkins
James Hawkins

Dr. Milton Satcher
Kelly Coleman

Greg Howard
Rod Morris

Linda Barnes
Jesse Head

Ray Lambert
Gene Morris
Steve White

Jody Autry
Loren Bailey

Dollie Waits
Herschel Waits

Carlton Claxton
Nelson Claxton

George Remsen
Will McWhorter

Robert Hudson
Alan Hawkins

Sheryl Peters
Steve Wood

Dalton Knox
Mort Ewing

Cokey Elder
Mack Guest

Alex Mason
Kent Huff

Kim Camp
Catherine Moore

Bobby Jones
Doris Jones

Leonard Vella
Steven Byous

Katrele Hawkins
Billy Hudson, Jr.

Dave Hammock
Hud Avant

David Benton
Victor Linares


  1. northside101 says:

    10th District a geographic challenge with all or parts of 25 counties, running about 130 miles northwest-southeast from Gwinnett to very rural Johnson County and about 120 miles from suburban Augusta’s Columbia County to Butts County in far south metro Atlanta (though most of Columbia is in CD 12). There is no dominant county in the district—no county where, say 35-40 percent of the primary vote comes from—but in recent elections Walton County has cast the largest share of the GOP primary vote, accounting for 17 percent of the district’s GOP primary votes in 2012 presidential primary and 16 percent in Broun/Simpson runoff for the seat in the summer 2012 primary. No doubt as Gwinnett (especially the US 78 corridor through Snellville) has become more Democratic, Walton in turn has become much more Republican (77 percent Romney last November). After Walton, Republican candidates probably focusing (no particular order) on the Gwinnett portion of CD 10, Oconee, Henry portion, Newton—mostly the parts of the district west of Hwy 441 (which connects Milledgeville, Madison and Athens in t he district) that are more populated—east of 441 mostly rural and small town.

  2. saltycracker says:

    52 chairs 25 counties, representing…..what ?…an example dysfunctional committee ?…..if that isn’t a poster group for redistricting, what is ?

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