Rep. Gingrey Takes Accountability To The Next Level

Congressman Phil Gingrey is out with a new ad and a major promise: He will Repeal Obamacare or Go Home.

The pledge on the accompanying website appears free of the codicils, caveats and provisos that qualify so many candidate promises these days. “I , Phil Gingrey, do hereby pledge to the people of Georgia that I will repeal or replace Obamacare during my first term in the U.S. Senate, or I will NOT seek reelection.

Accountability is the new black for political campaigns –Gary Gerrard, running for Congress in Georgia’s 10th Congressional District has a voter contract that would allow any voter in that district to have him removed from office should he break his promise not to accept a salary until the budget is balanced. (Disclosure: I am one of the consultants on the Gerrard campaign.) Heritage Action holds seminars on how regular folks can join them to “Hold Congress Accountable.” You hear “accountability” demanded from voters all the time. Are any other examples of campaigns doing other things like these? And a larger question: What if every candidate incorporated accountability into their campaigns? Would we finally be able to get something done in Washington?



  1. Jackster says:

    Nice Costume. Halloween is a bit late. I mean c’mon – I’m sure he’s just at the top of his medical game with such a heavy research load and busy practice.

    It’s a costume now.

  2. NorthGAGOP says:

    How old will Congressman Gingrey be at the end of his first term, if he wins? 80?

    At that age, this is a pretty easy promise to make.

  3. David C says:

    Well, getting any meaningful seniority out of a 72 year old freshman was out of the question anyway, so why not go for all the stupid gimmicks he can?

  4. bruhsam says:

    Regarding the Gerrard pledge, you’re making it seem like it’s a *good* thing that only someone independently wealthy (i.e. able to ignore his/her salary) should be sent to Washington.

    This pledge is meaningless to anyone able to make the pledge. It’s a tautology. If you can get by without the salary, then there will no real temptation to break the pledge.

    Still, I’m sure it makes good copy.

  5. xdog says:

    Gee, so Gingrey’s a doctor.

    Why doesn’t he eliminate the middle step of repealing ACA and just go home? Works for me.

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