Karen Handel’s New Radio Ad Highlighting Obamacare Doublespeak In Washington

Karen Handel is out with a new radio ad that’s highlighting Obamacare doublespeak in Washington.  You can listen to the audio over at Youtube, or read the text of the ad below:

HANDEL :60 RADIO – “Trust”

The career politicians in Washington just can’t seem to do the right thing.

Special exemptions under Obamacare are just the latest examples.

This is Karen Handel.

First, Congress worked out a special deal to keep thousands in taxpayer insurance subsidies — subsidies the rest of us can’t get.

Now, after the disastrous rollout, news reports say Congress can exempt their staff from Obamacare exchanges entirely – just by altering their job status.

You and I don’t get to do that…

My opponents say they oppose Obamacare – and they talk tough on TV.

But when there’re no lights and no cameras – there’s no action.

Please, visit KarenHandel.com and sign my petition demanding that Congress get no special exemptions from Obamacare.

This is Karen Handel, I approved this message and I’m running for Senate because while career politicians have been getting special privileges for themselves, it would be my privilege to serve you.

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