Hayden Collins Jumps Into 11th District Race

The field in the race to replace Phil Gingrey as the congressman for the 11th District grew by one this morning, as Hayden Collins threw his hat into the ring.

From a website press release:

On a cool Saturday morning, in Glover Park, located in the Square in downtown Marietta, Hayden Collins made his announcement. He has thrown his hat in the ring. He spoke before a sizable crowd about the urgency for us to solve our problems, and not pass it on to the next generation. His words reached the hearts of the crowd, as many were cheering. His announcement is certain to shake things up in this already crowded race.


  1. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    So after he loses this race, is he going to run against Isakson? Hayden Collins is the only person I’ve ever known to run, lose badly, and then next time run for a bigger office.

    In 2010, he ran for State House against Paul Battles and lost badly. In 2012, he ran for State Senate against Chuck Hufstetler and David Doss. Hufstetler won without a run-off.

    What a joke…

    • John Konop says:

      He seems like a nice guy who cares about his country. The real issue, I see is the lack of substance on issues. I have made no secrete about my support of Tricia Pridemore in this race. I do not agree a 100 percent with her on issues, but of all the candidates I have seen, she takes the time to understand the issue, and takes a stance, not just talking points…..We need more thoughtful people like her, and less of the same……..

    • Nomoreofthesame says:

      The Joke is that we the people, keep dipping into the same good old boys well, and expect it to get better. Someone with fresh Ideas and not someone that is more of the same, I welcome him into the race. It’s time to look at fresh leadership.

      No more of the same!

      • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

        Hayden once told a prospective voter that he should vote for him because he was “such a stud.” And he was serious.

        All ego, no substance.

        No thanks.

    • bulldawg11 says:

      I think the most interesting thing about this is that she’s trying to appeal to Bob Barr supporters out of the gate.

      What success do you even have calling an opponents donor list?

    • John Konop says:

      I think Bob should focus on issues, and explaining his zig zag views…..Which Bob is running, the guy who left the GOP via social issues and immigration or the current Bob?

      • bulldawg11 says:

        Pridemore’s a nice person but is not policy heavy. Her policy articles are vague, i.e. the coal one she just put out, and the only strong stance shes taken is on abortion. At least Lindsey and Barr write well thought out articles and Loudermilk is an open book. Pridemore is probably the most issues illiterate person in this race.

        • John Konop says:

          I like Lindsey and Barr….but Pridemore knows education and economics. She has tremdous knowledge about the failed one size fit all education system. No one can argue the great job she did on vocational education options in our state. Unlike the above candidates she started and ran a very successful business. Her insights in the issues surrounding entrepuenors is not just theory it is reality. I know the above issues well…..she is very good on jobs, jobs….. I have introduced her to many business savvy friends and all walked away impressed.

          • Jack Harrison says:

            I personally think Ed Lindsey has to win this race. I took a hard look at Pridemore but Lindsey is by far the most knowledgable person in this race and has done a great job as a legislator.

            • John Konop says:

              I like Ed, I guess it comes down to focus….on jobs, education and economics obviously Tricia has the advantage. Ed is a very bright attorney, I just think we need more business people with real life experiences……

              • Jack Harrison says:


                I understand your very close with Tricia at this point but have you considered taking a closer look at Lindsey. Respectfully, Education reform is one of Ed Lindsey’s biggest accomplishments in Georgia and Lindseys been given several awards from the Chamber of Commerce and NFIB for his work growing small businesses in the state. I think he might win in those categories.

                • John Konop says:


                  As I said I like Ed, but he left to many holes open in the Charter School amendment. Charter schools can be very useful, but we cannot have a deal that tax payers are left exposed over a private charter school company, that can still receive gains on a failed charter school transaction. The bill needs more financial controls…….I do think, he was trying to do the right thing…..but a business person can be more street savvy, than lawyer on business transactions….You did need lawyers, but they need to understand the business side before they start designing the deal…..

                  As far as my relationship with Tricia, I have talked to her maybe 6 or 7 times in my life….All were very business like conversation….I really do not know her well on a personal level……I met her husband once who seemed like a very bright guy as well……They both seem very straight forward and bottom line about what they think…..

                  Finally, Ed would be my second choice……I just like business people over lawyers…..I look at lawyers as being the backside of deal cleaning up issues the business people bring up…..Obviously I am bias being a business person…..

                  • Jack Harrison says:

                    Only meant you’re in the Tricia camp at this point, my mistake for any confusion.

                    As far as Charter Schools go, I believe Lindsey is returning to the legislator this go around to plug some of the holes you previously alluded too. I think of all the candidates running in Georgia from the state legislator he has the most reasons to stay in because of all his is previous work.

                    • John Konop says:

                      No need to apologize, you seem like a smart rational guy…..I am just giving my 10 cents……debate like this is healthy……I hope you get on my part nothing is personal……I enjoyed hearing your points…..

  2. Harry says:

    I like Loudermilk’s campaign issues

    Sanctity of Life
    Excerpt: “Loudermilk holds firm to the principles of our Founding Fathers that all rights are given by God and it is the sole duty of Government to protect these rights… Life is the ultimate right and it is the responsibility of Government to protect that right.”
    Lower Taxes
    Excerpt: “Georgians deserve a tax system that is fair for everyone and doesn’t punish individual achievement and success. As a State representative Loudermilky has actively promoted key legislation to reform Georgia’s antiquated tax code.”
    Illegal Immigration
    Excerpt: “The ever increasing number of illegal aliens entering into Georgia is having a drastic effect on our government, are our economy and our health care system. These individuals have violated our federal laws to enter this nation and they should be treated as any other criminal.”
    Less Government
    Excerpt: “As a State Representative, Loudermilk has been a strong advocate of reducing the size and scope of our state government.”
    Jobs & the Economy
    Excerpt: “Burdensome taxation, the rising cost of health care and the growing intrusion of government in the operation of private business are just some of the challenges Georgia’s businesses are facing.
    Health Care
    Excerpt: “As a state representative, Loudermilk supported several measures to improve Georgia’s healthcare industry, increased competition, provide more consumer choice, and reduce the cost of practicing medicine in Georgia.”
    Protecting Family Values
    Excerpt: “Our values can only be defended by legislator who has the courage to stand against the liberal Atlanta mindset. Loudermilk has consistently defended the sanctity of marriage as being between one man and one woman.”
    Fuel and Energy Costs
    Excerpt: “We must reduce overbearing government regulations and moratoriums on drilling for domestic sources of oil and natural gas.”

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