Morning Reads — Thursday, November 7, 2013

On this day in 1916, the first female Congresswoman, Jeannette Rankin, was elected. Also on this day in 1944, FDR was elected for a record fourth term giving him just a little more time to regulate the hell out of our country.

Jimmy (and now Gubernatorial Candidate Jason) Carter

Sweet Tea

Liberty Drum


  1. Ed says:

    “‘Good, ’cause we’re a Republic.’”

    Worth remembering when people say this that we’re also a democratic one, so you’re drawing a distinction with very little difference.

  2. bkeahl says:

    Ed, the difference may seem small to you, but it’s the difference between liberty and enslavement.

    At worst, we are a democratic republic – emphasis on republic. The fact we are a republic means there are certain liberties that the mob cannot vote away as a democracy can. We are a constitutional republic governed by democratically elected representatives and I don’t think any person who believes in our constitution or in liberty should fall into the intellectually lazy habit of calling our republic a democracy. It happens, but it frustrates me when I hear it.

    Sadly, we’ve seen that the “democratic” portion of “democratic republic” provides the wedge by which we lose the liberties the republic is supposed to protect.

    I think it’s crucial we not give up an inch in calling ourselves a republic first, if for no other reason than to possibly induce someone to ask why we use the word. We can take the opportunity to explain the importance of the distinction.

    • Ed says:

      “the difference may seem small to you, but it’s the difference between liberty and enslavement.”

      Frankly this is an absurd false dilemma.

          • Ed says:

            What grift said and in the worst possible scenario you paint, we’re still a universe away from enslavement and liberty… unless you have a very broad, virtually meaningless definition of “slavery.”

      • bkeahl says:

        Every inch given is an inch you have to take back. The problem with throwing “democracy” around is people then believe mob rule (democracy) rather than liberty (a constitutional republic) rules the day. That’s a long walk back to what our country was about, and a short walk to enslaving others.

        Just look at Obamacare. Anger is rising over it not because of concerns about liberty, but because people thought they were enslaving others by making them pay for theirs. As they find out otherwise they’re getting ticked off. I remember the story about the woman from California who said she was happy with ObamaCare as long as she didn’t have to pay for it … she just learned her costs for insurance were increasing radically.

    • MattMD says:

      I think we all understand that we are not a direct democracy on the federal level but on the local and some state levels (e.g. California) the majority can sure as hell vote away rights away from the minority via the ballot.

      Some examples which come to my head are the restrictive housing ordinances in Cobb and Athens-Clarke; also the blue laws which have only been recently repealed. Some still hold in the boondocks of the state.

    • benevolus says:

      “Democracy” is more of an ideal. It’s like saying we are a “peaceful” country, or a “civilized” country. It’s relative. I don’t think anyone who says we are a “democracy” means we are a pure democracy.

  3. saltycracker says:

    The union health plans got a tax break from Obamacare.
    So the billions were:
    A. Not needed to cover costs
    B. Will increase the national debt
    C. Will come from increased taxes on others

    We passed it and now we just have to see how administration and morphing will go.
    Minding our “P”s: it’s not looking so good for the paying but ok for the poor, puny and those taking a pass/penalty.

  4. Dave Bearse says:

    The VA Governor’s race got the attention, but don’t overlook that it may be that the GOP was turned out of VA’s other two Constitutional Offices too. (There’s only a few hundred vote difference between the candidates among over 2M cast.)

    The VA GOP convention dumping its primary to select extremist E.W. Jackson for Lt Gov was especially strategic. Incoming Dem Lt Gov Northam will be the tie breaker in a VA 20 GOP-20 Dem Senate. (At least for two years until the GOP gerrymander so reputably put in place when one Dem VA Senator was away attending Obama’s inauguration kicks in.)

    From all statewide Constitutional offices and majorities in both Houses in the General Assembly, to possibly no state Constitutional office and a split General Assembly. It’s the Tea Party showing how important it is that the GOP govern.

    • John Vestal says:

      I think Obenshain (GOP) is currently leading the Virginia AG results by a few hundred votes, but Jackson (Lt Gov) never was really in the race. The late Cuccinelli strategy shift to focusing almost solely on Obamacare (that brought the final margin down to only ~3%) also apparently helped Jackson lose by “only” 10% points.

    • saltycracker says:

      Complex answer but we hope it is symbiotic and not parasitic.

      “The SAC voted today to approve the lease agreement with Southern Aviation Parts and Services, clearing the way to move forward with the project. SEDA will vote on an incentives package for Southern Aviation Parts and Services at their regularly scheduled board.”

  5. Napoleon says:

    Jeannette Rankin was a RINO. Just thought I should mention that. There wasn’t enough RINO name calling on this thread. You can now carry on.

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