Jason Carter for Governor: Check

An early morning announcement confirms Jason Carter is in to challenge Governor Deal.  From Mr. Bluestein over at the AJC

Democratic state Sen. Jason Carter will challenge Gov. Nathan Deal next year in a move that catapults the gubernatorial contest into the national spotlight and tests whether Georgia’s changing demographics can loosen the Republican Party’s 12-year grip on the state’s highest office.

Carter’s decision, which he announced Wednesday in an exclusive interview with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, is another step along the trail forged by his famous grandfather Jimmy Carter, who was elected to the state Senate and then the Governor’s Mansion before winning the presidency.

Carter plans to focus on education, the economy, convincing voters that Democrats are worthy of a return to power and spelling the office name correctly.


    • tdk790 says:

      The article says she’s likely switching to the LG race. Interesting that the Dem ticket is shaping up to be diverse in gender and race, when many (myself included) thought they wouldn’t have a ticket at all.

  1. Bill Arp says:

    there is only two reasons why he would run 1. he has seen a poll showing his as a 50-50 chance or 2. there is something very harmful about to come out on Deal. I would believe anything coming from Deals office, his staff is just waiting to get popped for all their ethics issues. However Carter is very clean and polished. He knows something we don’t….and I have a feeling that his chances of winning are very good…

    • tdk790 says:

      Per WSB, the FBI is looking into the ethics case. But I highly doubt Carter has an inside track into how the FBI’s actions.

      • Charlie says:

        Can you please show me where the FBI has said they’re looking into this? Because having one of the folks at the ethics commission saying they “have spoken to the FBI” is not the same thing as “the FBI is looking into this.” If the AJC has actually made this claim (that is often repeated by…we’ll just say “others”), then I’d like to see it at it’s source. Thus far, I’ve missed the FBI’s statement on this.

        • tdk790 says:

          I don’t think you’re ever going to get an FBI comment on it until they are done with it, according to WSB.

          WSB: “FBI looking into ethics scandal with alleged ties to governor”

          “An FBI spokesperson said it is against FBI policy to confirm whether an investigation is ongoing.

          However, court records confirm the FBI looked at similar allegations two years ago. Those case records are currently unavailable, which would indicate the old case is still open or has been reopened.

          Holly LaBerge told our news partners at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she is aware of the FBI’s investigation. ”

          Link: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/fbi-looking-ethics-scandal-ties-governor/nbLNY/

          • Harry says:

            The FBI has ongoing investigations on David Scott and Sanford Bishop. You heard it here first. Oh wait, it’s the Obama Administration and Eric Holder’s Department of Justice.

    • Napoleon says:

      Or 3rd option, he knows the seat is open in 4 years (or maybe even a US Senate seat in 2 years) and a trial run to build a statewide grassroots network isn’t necessarily a bad idea.

      (or what Ed said below)

  2. Ed says:

    Just something else to consider… I’d been told that virtually all of the big name Dems in Georgia had starting telling donors and other apparatchiks they were waiting for ’18 to run. For governor.

    So if you’re smart, you see an opportunity with a well-funded Senate candidate for an open seat to run as a slate, you avoid a primary that would make Mark v. Cathy look like a cakewalk and at worst, you could theoretically position yourself for the frontrunner for 2018.

  3. seekingtounderstand says:

    Isn’t he doing this just to get more national money and attention for the Senate Race and to get his name out there for the future?
    Also is anyone as sick as I am of the political dynasty that exists in the Democrat and republican parties………………..only relatives of those previously elected are allowed to run.

    • benevolus says:

      Just stop ! He’s a bright guy, he’s got some support, he’s got some resumé. Ignore the name and diss him for something real.
      Gawd, it’s like a bunch of snippy wives of new jersey around here sometimes.

      • IndyInjun says:

        Nope…Pharisee Republicans…you know the type……they SWEAR conservative principles, but they just swarm around the Worst politicians imaginable once they win office to get pictures with him/them.

        If you want your picture taken with a fake because he won, you are an even bigger fake.

        You know who you are and so do we.

        In the 70’s I declared that “D” next to a candidate meant “Damned” 4 decades later, the GOP made me forget why.

  4. John Konop says:

    One should notice Carter led with education, and this is driven by some in the GOP who do have an anti public school view. Good public schools have been an economic driver for communities for a long time. I think he is betting on soccer mom who are not happy about the anti public school message from some……

    We need to merge administrative/ building cost by combining high school with higher education and move toward job skill centric or college prep model. Instead the debate has moved toward funding or not funding public schools at a certain level. As class sizes grow via not fixing the above it leaves an opening in my opinion.

  5. drjay says:

    whatever you do to the least of my people…

    when my son saw him on the news this morning, he said “oh yeah, i remeber him, he was a real jerk when i was paging this year.”

    • IndyInjun says:

      …..and that, drjay, is the only way a Nathan Deal wins a governorship. I was highly aware of his record of corruption and his dastardly votes in DC, but when I met him, it was like he was the most WONDERFUL man in the world! Nathan is friendly. He is warm. He is instantly your best buddy. He is masterful.

      A staunch Democrat friend of mine says “Deal really knows how to work a room!”

      Carter is obviously less smooth, but growing numbers of folks fear giving Deal another 4 years to wreak injury upon us.

      There are a lot of “nice” retired men. One more won’t hurt.

      • drjay says:

        meh, i don’t know about deal, i have actually never met him—but ability to “work a room” is one thing…being rude and dismissive to young men and women that are trying to deliver messages from other senators to you, esp. when juxtaposed against the vast majority who are kind and gracious to the pages (or at least polite and professional) during session is a negative mark to me…obviously not a deal breaker (haha i’m so punny)–but certainly noteworthy…

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