Morning Reads — Post-Election Ruminations

Unfortunately I forgot to write in my name for a sundry collection of offices last night (I hope others picked up in my stead). It’s OK though, I would not have served.

Electing Kasim Reed and Andre Dickens were the two best things Atlantans could have done and they did both. Hizzoner Reed said in his victory speech he wants to make Atlanta the logistics hub of the Western Hemisphere. He’s nothing if not bold and hopefully his dreams become reality.

I know there are other races throughout Georgia but I honestly couldn’t tell you anything about them.

“Put A Quarter In The Jukebox” is the latest installment in the Buck Owens Appreciation Series.


    • gcp says:

      If Huntsman’s people did not expose Cain’s moral issues, someone else would have exposed him. Cain was just a bad candidate. I still remember his infamous “Libya” interview and other interviews where he could not articulate policies on basic issues.

  1. The KSU/SPSU Acquisition: It’s clearly not about saving money.

    1. Merging 8 of 35 institutions has only saved about 0.1 percent — an estimated $7.5 million — of its $7.4 billion operating budget.
    2. The regents are not giving voters a chance to comment: Public comment is allowed during their meetings – if someone asks to speak 15 days in advance. The KSU/SPSU consolidation was announced 11 days before the board’s next meeting, which begins Nov. 12.
    3. Almost 7k people have signed a petition against this acquisition in less than 5 days.
    4. Nickel said “Kennesaw” won out because Kennesaw has “a national brand name.” If Georgia is trying to capitalize on technology jobs, why in the world would we not name the new hybrid something with Polytechnic in the title??

    This is bigger than just the students/alumni of SPSU. This acquisition takes aways some of Georgia’s credibility as a technology center. I encourage non-alumni to get involved from an economic standpoint.

  2. Ellynn says:

    My very German grandmother made pommes Anna. Her family was from the Rhine valley so that might explain it. We called then layered pan potatoes.

  3. benevolus says:

    About 16% of eligible voters in the city voted. That means probably about 8% of the city population elected the mayor of the 10th largest city in the country.

    People can’t be bothered to look into their candidates. They feel it doesn’t matter anyway.
    And we wonder how we end up with some of the freaks that get elected.

    You can win a city-wide council seat with 23,000 votes? Incredible!

  4. gcp says:

    Good to see Mary Norwood and Andre Dickens on the city council. Hopefully they can provide some balance to the pro- Reed crowd.

  5. mcatl says:

    Benevolus: Atlanta is not the 10th largest City not even close! 40th! still the voting is pathetic as are most of the incumbents and lack of true media coverage! Most media is BFF of Kasim Kash Kamp & KO. Charlie Harper included. Follow the money!

    Only good thing out of the Election was the failure of the Kasim PAC! Money can’t buy everything! Thank god.

    Norwood! 2017!

    Outspent and harrassed because she “up-ended the black mafia”.

    Cobb County Harper. LOL!

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