“Your vote isn’t going to count.”

As told to me by a Fulton County poll worker today as I insisted I was listed in the wrong City Council district and wanted a provisional ballot.

She’s probably wrong, but she might be right. Voters being given the wrong ballot or told they were at the wrong polling place are apparently widespread and systemic problems.

Creative Loafing has the story of voting problems in the Candler Park neighborhood, but it seems many of the city’s lines have been crossed.




  1. CJBear71 says:

    So it appears that Secretary of State Brian Kemp is taking responsibility for the “human error.” So for once it’s not Fulton’s fault.

    • Stefan says:

      I recognize that is the origin of the problem, but I am shocked nobody from Fulton checks using the MVP system on the SOS website before the day of the elections, especially given rumors of these problems for the last two weeks.

      Also, poll workers actually saying that my vote wouldn’t count should never happen.

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