Election Day Is Today. And Announcement Day for Jason Carter Is…Thursday?

File this one as the rumor du jour.  (But a loud one, that is at least being discussed as fact on the Republican side of the aisle):

Senator Jason Carter of Atlanta (and for those not paying attention, also Grandson of a certain President of the same name), has apparently decided the timing is right and will announce plans to challenge Governor Nathan Deal this week, most likely Thursday.

We that “lean to the GOP side of things” don’t always get the rumors from those that “lean a bit more to the left”, and this well may be someone playing Psy-Ops with the Governor and/or GOP.  Or it may be real.

Regardless, there appears to be a definitive change on Carter’s willingness to take a statewide run very seriously this election cycle.  And we expect to have some news on that shortly.


  1. tdk790 says:

    I take it he’d resign so he could fundraise during the 4 months before the primary.

    If he ultimately loses to Deal, which you have to think is likely at this stage, he’d have no political seat to catapult him in a 2016 Senate race or a 2018 gov race vs. Kasim Reed. Maybe he knows something we don’t.

    • Harry says:

      Maybe we know something he and the Georgia Democratic Establishment don’t know. There’s no way he beats the incumbent Republican Deal. If his sole purpose is to assist the Nunn candidacy, then they’ve swallowed the disinformation from an erstwhile GOP pollster hook, line and sinker. Does anyone really believe two white faces at the top of the Dem ticket is going to be seen as a positive or build turnout from whites or blacks? How many whites still need white people at the top of the Dem ticket in order to be persuaded to vote for Democrats? Seems to me it does more harm than good, but then that’s nothing new for the DPG losers.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      The exposure of a statewide ballot ahead of 2016 or 2018 counts for something.

      It’s not like General Assembly Dems have much opportunity to make a name for themselves given the General Assembly’s makeup (as noted in the northside101 comment below). Dem legislation is either killed in Committee or swiped (as was the case with Stacey Evens technical college legislation). And Carter, unlike others, likely has access to Granddad’s substantial platform in lieu of General Assembly service.

  2. Napoleon says:

    His best shot would likely be to take on the Lt. Gov. I would guess he’d stand a better chance (or at least no worse) of knocking off Cagle and, if for some reason he did, he would be well positioned for the open Gov. seat in 2018.

  3. northside101 says:

    Any Democrat elected governor next year would be dealing with an overwhelmingly GOP General Assembly in 2015. State Senate is likely to stay 38-18 in favor of GOP in next year’s election (Romney won all 38 Senate districts now held by the GOP). Republicans won 119 seats in the House last year (91 is a majority), and even if they were to lose a handful of seats there next November, still would have a solid majority.

    Question for Democratic statewide candidates next year is how they can do outside metro Atlanta? It isn’t hard for a Democrat to break even in the 28-county metro Atlanta area, which Obama narrowly carried in both 2008 and 2012, but in the more conservative rest of Georgia, especially places like CD 9 in northeast Georgia (Doug Collins) and CD 14 (Tom Graves, Rome, Dalton and northwest Georgia), the “D” label is a tougher sell…

  4. paulaatlantaga says:

    “Grandson of a certain President of the same name . . . ”
    Jason’s first cousin is James Earl Carter IV, the grandson who has Jimmy Carter’s name, not Jason.

    • Charlie says:

      “Carter”. It’s a name. It’s the same.

      If you’re going to go through life believing you must correct everything you believe to be the slightest bit wrong on the internet, you’d better get busy.

      Also, welcome to Peach Pundit.

  5. Three Jack says:

    How can he expect to compete against the governor who single handedly propelled GA to the top of Site Selection mag’s business climate list?

  6. bgsmallz says:

    But what issues would he possibly be able to campaign on?

    {Insert link to year old comments predicting a Carter run in 2014 on transportation and education as a non-so thinly veiled congratulatory pat on the back}


    We’ve been working non-stop since the failed T-Splost and successful charter school amendment to continue progress on education and transportation, right? ….

    (Cue the talking heads against TSplost like Kyle Wingfield and their “Plan B” …oh wait, there still isn’t a plan B?….well, cue up the GOP Superintendent to laud the governor’s work on education…huh?…he’s running against the governor?…ruh roh…)

  7. Harry says:

    I hope you Georgia Democrats tap lots of Hollywood and New York fat cat contributors, and away from states where the money might make a difference!

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