Gov Deal Appoints Panel

As an expected  follow up from the shenanigans in the Cherokee County School Board, Governor Deal announced today the three members of the panel that will investigate.

Here’s the rest from the AJC.

Deal on Tuesday appointed Tim Stultz of the Cobb school board and Anne Crow of Forsyth’s school board to weigh the fate of Kelly Marlow. State law requires Attorney General Sam Olens to fill the third slot on the panel.

A Cherokee County grand jury indicted Marlow, her political adviser Robert Trim and local GOP official Barbara Knowles in October on charges of making false statements that school superintendent Frank Petruzielo attempted to run them down in his car after a board meeting in June.

Georgia law calls for the panel to determine if the indictment adversely impacts Marlow’s ability to perform her official duties. The panel has 14 days to study the case and issue a written report to the governor.


  1. John Konop says:

    ……..Cherokee County Schools: Should Kelly Marlow resign her board seat after her arrest?……

    As many of you know I have been rather outspoken about her behavior as a school board member as seen above….. The sad part is I had high hopes for Kelly being able to bring another voice into the school board in a positive manner. Obviously this situation has been a out of control train wreck. Kelly has also been facing difficult personal issues as well a divorce, which I feel for her family……Hopefully we will not see comments celebrating her problems. Finally Kelly should consider regrouping, by stepping away from the school board , and allowing new representation not tainted……

    • saltycracker says:

      Resign ? Yes
      And so should BOC commissioner Poole who, last reported, has unpaid taxes in another state.

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