Morning Reads: 4 November 2013

Hopefully everyone has recovered from the Cocktail Party this weekend. If not, the coffee is over there. Here’s what else happened over the weekend.


With an abundance of elected officials that don’t “believe” in science, I do not find this surprising.
The city of Savannah now has a AA+ bond ratting.
Not a bad editorial.
We still probably won’t get a decent transit system anytime soon.
Apparently the Kennesaw-SPSU merger is striking a nerve.


Arkansas v. Auburn 17-35
Florida v. Georgia 20-23 (Complete with a classy finish)
Kentucky v. Alabama State 48-14
Mississippi State v. South Carolina 16-34
Missouri v. Tennessee 31-3
Texas A&M v. UTEP 57-7

(Just for Buzz) GT v. Pitt 21-10


About that keeping your plan thing, yeah… oops.
A possible connection between LAX and Tuscon?
We haven’t settled this yet?
Probably should have reached out to the Saudis a few years ago, it might be a little late.
Park has a history of this kind of rhetoric.

Everything Else

Best and dumbest Halloween costume ideas.
Kinda cool.
Well I knew the different barks and growls, now I need to learn the tail wags.



  1. The KSU/SPSU acquisition struck a huge nerve. This has nothing to do with the state budget. This decision is based on KSU’s need for land and is possible because of the cronyism of the BOR. One of the BORs is a trustee for KSU. I hope some of the news outlets start unravelling all the connected strings of the BORs with other Georgia entities (search for a 2012 PP post on the Five Families of Georgia).

    On a scale of 1 to TSPLOST, I’m much more upset about this pile of manure.

    This has managed to unite and p!$$ off a huge pocket of Georgia’s geeks. I hope information starts getting pulled from every database out there.

    • TheEiger says:

      I guess I fail to see the downside of combining the two schools? If you ask most people, including people who live in Cobb County, few will be able to tell you anything about SPSU. I know it’s a great school, but I still fail to see the downside to this.

      • Ellynn says:

        I find that interesting. I can tell you what majors and specialities SPSU has, but all I know about KSU is that it a Liberal Art and Humanities college with a Business school. I have no idea what majors they cover.(and I am not a SPSU grad and have never lived in the greater Atlanta area).

        This is what I don’t get; the current trend in all forms of education is increasing STEM programing and course work. SPSU weights science and math in it’s admissions over other types of course work. If you are ok in english but great in physics, you are going do well at SPSU. So why would you take the second largest tech based professional school in your system (Georgia Tech being no. 1) and form it to just a bigger liberal arts school?

        To me, this would be like making GT and UGA one school if they were in the same city. You are loosing the quailies of what makes the tech school function in order for the liber arts school to have a better science and technollogy program instead of addressing the STEM problem directly.

        • John Konop says:

          In all due respect KSU top program is nursing, very well respected and difficult to get in. The business school has shown great improvement. If you combine this with the SP engineering it could become a very strong combined program for students that cannot get into GT the MIT of the south.

          • Ellynn says:

            I’m not implying one program is better then the other. I’m implying each school has a different mission in education. SP is engineering, computers, architecture and the building sciences. Biology is not big on their list of classes to take. Just like structures is not high on a nurses list of classes. KSU is humanites, education, nursing, arts, social sciences and business.

            After talking to alumi from both schools, not a one of them was for this idea. It’s more of the difference in culture from the feed back I heard so far. The only ‘possitive’ thing I heard was that combining the two might lead to SP having a better dating pool… (not my words, but a computer graduates words – take it as you will)

            • John Konop says:

              I graduated from UC in Ohio, which had a very similar mix and size. I think the strength of medical, engernering and business combined (KSU) would serve our state well, especially metro Atlanta. Gt and Emory are great gifts to our state and area, but having a strong option for the non top 1 percent is also important.

    • mcoletti says:

      When I heard that this decision was made by the BoR in secret behind closed doors, I immediately thought “cui bono”. That I’ve now learned that one of the BoR is a KSU trustee amplifies that suspicion. I hope that some journalists earn their salaries by probing the relationship between the BoR and KSU, the latter which seems to be the institution that benefits most from this “merger.”

  2. saltycracker says:

    BP has been a golden goose along the gulf coast and how to get some replaced money for nothing party talk of how much I made/ lost flipping beach property.

    Hyperbolic overreaction for a tasteless Halloween costume is so Talibanic.

  3. Ed says:

    So I say this with only a little bit of homerism but… at some point, we should start to evaluate this season’s Alabama football team on… this season’s performance from Alabama.

    I’m not saying they shouldn’t be in the top five or anything like that but damn… you look at the resumes of Oregon and FSU right now and they are substantially better than ‘Bamas. And if the Tide beats LSU (won’t happen… heard it here first…) they really don’t have any marquee games until Auburn. And really, the SEC East champion? *yawnz*

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