BooHooing and Finger-pointing in Senate 14

UPDATE: 12:21 P.M.
The Georgia Campaign Finance has removed the ‘fines owed’ for Bruce Thompson and Matt Laughridge.

A cross-post from The Perspicacious Conservative, Senate 14 Candidate Matt Laughridge tries to fool voters with charges (which has more than one meaning here) that he too is guilty of and outright lies about his opponents.

First, you need to watch this video produced and approved by Laughridge for Senate
. Then read below.

Cherokee sure does have a knack for lying candidates. Or those that leave out a large portion of the facts.
Matt Laughridge has put out a hit piece video of the sort of resembles something a democrat would do. Read below and you too will feel the irony.

Don’t try to fool us, Mr. Laughridge. ALL 5 (4 REPUBLICANS and 1 Democrat) CANDIDATES in the Senate 14 race outstanding fines.
If you’re asking if it upsets us, the answer is yes. We want all candidates to pay their fines and file their paperwork in a timely fashion but since you haven’t either, let’s call it a wash and move on. What is not included in that ‘wash’ is the sneakiness of trying to exclude himself from claims of ethics fines. So I present to The People, Exhibit A:

Mr. Laughridge, in his video attacking Dwight Pullen and Bruce Thompson, also said “Both claimed to be Republicans but their voting records don’t support the claim.” I present The People Exhibit B which shows a few points:

  • Bruce Thompson has NOT voted Democrat in any election dating back to 2004.
  • Dwight Pullen did pull the lever on the Democrat side in the 2010 primary.
  • Both Thompson and Pullen have voted MORE TIMES than Mr. Laughridge who seems to be new to this whole voting thing as a whole. He is young, so maybe he voted out-of-state at college or something (I would like to know where he was in 2008, but I digress), but his claims about his opponents are disturbingly inaccurate.


What this says to me is that Mr. Laughridge is grasping for straws…probably because of a last-minute poll showing him in 3rd place and not headed to a run-off. That’s just speculation but all the other candidates are out there working to meet voters and Mr. Laughridge is stomping his feet and pressing videos that evoke the same emotion of the anti-Big Bird videos from the Romney election.  I have confidence that the voters in Senate District 14 have enough common sense to see past this ridiculous unsubstantiated video that was clearly produced out of desperation.

There’s a nice little voter guide from Bartow Politics here.
I’ll also note that this video was produced by that same ol’ company that was dissolved by the pesky Secretary of State.



Tomorrow should be interesting.


  1. drjay says:

    probably beside the point to mention, but i have personal experience with the inaccuracies of the ga ethics website as it pertains to filings, and reports, and fines, and such…

    • Jessica S. says:

      There is speculation that all of the fines are mistakes (they do do it all the time)…but it still makes you question Laughridge since he’s the one with the video.

      • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

        The reason most candidates don’t accuse opponents of being shady due to owing ethics fines is because the ethics commission (or whatever it is called now) is always making mistakes. The rules change, the website doesn’t work, the automated system says candidates didn’t file when they clearly did…so I would take the claim of owing fines with a grain of salt. I even know a guy who was assessed a fine for not filing when he had a receipt for a filing that was made well before the deadline.

        Having said that, though…it isn’t hard to look and see if you yourself are on the site listed as owing a fine. So, wouldn’t you think that you would check that out before you blast an opponent for it to make sure the same can’t be said of you?

        The voting record thing is a lot more troubling to me. That is so easily verified as not true. It seems a little desperate to come out swinging like this using false information.

        If you are voting in this race, check out all 5 candidates thoroughly before you go vote. There is enough info out there on this Laughridge guy to make one question his ethics, even while he is pointing the finger at his opponents. His DUI arrest report sounds nothing like his official explanation on the campaign trail, and his residency story is so incredibly strange that I can’t believe they let him stay on the ballot. He admitted in the hearing that he switched his voter registration to a lot with no house on it (because he tore it down to rebuild). How is that legal?

        In any case, surely one of the other four candidates would serve the fine people of Bartow and Cherokee counties better than this young man.

  2. John Konop says:

    I got this email today, btw I do not vote in this district. It does look like the election is getting nasty. I guess the truth does not matter……How could Pullen as a principal at the school give himself a raise? Does not the school super and school board do the budget? The sad part is issues are blinded by the personal attacks…..

    Below Email I got:

    ……..Apparently Dwight Pullen is considered to be a threat in this election to both Bruce Thompson and Matt Laughridge, because they are both sending out robo-calls, live calls and television ads with false information to attack Dr. Pullen and discourage people from voting for him.

    I believe that neither Thompson nor Laughridge wants to be in the runoff with Dwight Pullen, or any other candidate from Cherokee County which is why they have reduced themselves to gutter politics.

    They claim that Dr. Pullen gave himself a raise while cutting teachers’ pay; that is totally false! The pay cut they are referring to was furlough days and every employee including Dr. Pullen was subject to the furlough days as a cut in pay.

    The only raise Dr. Pullen received as the superintendent was after he completed his first year. The school board gave him and the teachers the same percentage in a pay raise which was included in the terms of his contract when they hired him.

    Please help us spread the truth so that the voters will not be fooled by the false information being spread about Dwight Pullen…….

    • NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

      I will assume they are referring to his time as Chattooga County Superintendent.

      As far as the nastiness, it has been unleashed on both Pullen and Thompson by the Laughridge campaign, as evidenced by the video Jessica shared above. Facts don’t seem to matter, even the voting record is lied about. There were apparently some negative robo calls about Thompson last night, I will assume there were some about Pullen as well.

      • John Konop says:

        I really do not know much other than the email I got….I am out of the district, met Pullen once for an event at my house for Tricia Pridemore, he was one of many guest…….As far Thompson, I think I met he once at a GOP debate……I do not know Laughridge at all. As far as core issues I have not heard much……I did have a very positive quick conversation with Pullen about increasing vocational education opportunities ….. other than that could not tell you anything about the race about issues……I will say Laughridge has been the most visible via signs.

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