University Acquisitions: KSU Editition

Breaking from the Marietta Daily Journal is that Kennesaw State University will be merging with Southern Polytechnic State University aka Southern Poly.

Kennesaw State University and Southern Polytechnic State University will consolidate to form a new institution to be named Kennesaw State University. The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia will be asked by Chancellor Hank Huckaby to approve the consolidation plan during a meeting on November 12-13 in Atlanta. This merger is the latest in a series of cost-cutting moves made by the Governor and the Board of Regents.

I believe this now leaves Georgia Regents University with the undisputed title holder of Dumbest Name for a University in the state. Their abbreviations also happens to be the main character from the movie Despicable Me. I have to admit, when going to I thought I was going to learn how to be a supervillan and steal the pyramids.



  1. This is a f’n crime. Southern Poly alums are not happy.

    I will now be voting against the Bond to Redevelop the Franklin Road area also. Announcing this just after Early Voting ended was staged and shady.

    • Ed says:

      Methinks you read too much into this.

      At any rate, as I asked elsewhere: how will this impact the Owls’ football team?

      • Save it, Ed. This is bad for Cobb County. Southern Poly’s name recognition will evaporate in the engineering world. We were growing for a reason….and this just killed it.

        • Noway says:

          Bridget, won’t the same engineering course still be offered, just now the name on the door will be KSU?

        • John Konop says:


          The business school and nursing school are very well respected at KSU. I do think it depends how the plan is executed.SPT does have a very good program and you should be proud of your degree. Now we all know why you make make so many smart comments 🙂

        • drjay says:

          meh, rest assured that the alumni of both mcg and augusta state were pretty well pissed to high heaven over gru, as well as the city of augusta itself…it made no difference in the end…

  2. Ornery says:

    Honestly, this about as bag as the behavior that old scalawag Roy Barnes.. Seems rather than logical change, there’s change to make change.. (sound familiar?) If there needs to be a merger, put SPSU under Georgia Tech, and also remove these engineering programs at places like the UsicofGA and put them in proper place of education

  3. Three Jack says:

    I’m all for government finding ways to operate more efficiently, but how does this accomplish that?

    This is like trying to merge Capital Grill with McDonalds then renaming CG to Mickey D’s. Bad day for SPSU grads.

  4. Noway says:

    But how many years ago did Southern Tech change its’ name to Southern Poly? Was there outrage then, too? Other than nostalgia, what is a real problem?

      • Noway says:

        True. I get it now. How about ‘KSU School of Engineering” on entrance to that part of the new campus? I’m assuming they will still use the infrastructure of Poly.

    • Go to Judson Hill’s FB wall. A KSU grad noted, “Ga. Tech is an engineering school with a liberal arts program; KSU will be the opposite.”

      A liberals arts school that considers SPSU just an engineering “program” is the problem. It’s a complete shift in focus. SPSU will lose all international (yes, international) credibility as a highly awarded engineering school.

      Why would I, as an active SPSU alum, want to donate even one more dollar to a hybrid KSU/SPSU abomination? For football? You’ve got to be kidding. I didn’t go there for sports. SPSU’s reputation actively makes my degree more valuable with each passing year. KSU makes it laughable. Tell Georgia Tech their engineering degree now comes from UGA and see if there’s not an explosion. I get it, both SPSU and KSU are smaller than GT and UGA, but it’s the same concept.

        • The Governor could ask Chancellor Huckaby to not put forth the consolidation plan at the upcoming November meeting in order to more thoroughly vet this idea. The Board of Regents could “continue to carefully examine [their] structure and programs”….indefinitely.

      • mcoletti says:

        The irony is that they want to do this to save money, and yet I suspect they will lose far more than they will save from a likely precipitous drop in alumni donations. Had they done an actual feasibility study they probably would have learned that.

        I am with you: I will never donate to KSU. I did not go to Kennesaw State. I went to Southern Tech, and it is to that institution that I would be donating money.

        (’89 CS, SCoT)

  5. MattMD says:

    Yeah, Georgia Regents University is one of the stupidest college name I’ve ever heard of in my life.

    I don’t really see how a merger is going to devalue a degree. I think some of y’all be tripping.

  6. b-org says:

    according to Concerning the University of Georgia Board of Regents.

    Total Salaries for the Board of Regents w/ travel included.
    (Chancellor 497,000.04 w/o travel)

    Total Payments Made to companies by the Board of Regents

    Professional Services:

    Total Obligations by the board of Regents

    • seenbetrdayz says:

      Just choked on my dinner. $28 million?

      I always thought the Board of Regents was just a bunch of useless administrators who have been outside of classrooms so long they have no idea how to improve education.

      Now I know that the Board of Regents is a bunch of ludicrously overpaid, useless administrators who have been outside of classrooms so long they have no idea how to improve education.

  7. voton says:

    The campus feels like a subjugated Indian tribe. Our across-town rivals must be up to their
    eyeballs in schadenfreude. Yep. Southern Tech is going down the tubes. So much schadenfreude.
    So little time.
    Kennesaw State 1 Southern Tech 0

    They should have strategically position smelling-salts and oxygen bottles on campus as a precautionary measure:
    Innocent Student: What are these for?
    Snarky Staff: You will find out.

    Doomsday Stream-of-Conscience:
    On hearing the news that Southern Tech will be merged. (shock) With who? Kennesaw. (thunder
    struck) Couldn’t be. That would be like mixing Chivas Regal with cool-aid. Please, let today
    be the First of April. Lets see … The First of (promising) …. November. (horror) To bad
    Papp and Rossbacher were not still in their Halloween costumes.
    But there are opportunity cost of not having rolled this out on the First of April. It could
    have had the whole campus in hysterics emiting peels-of-laughter.
    “But seriously, Southern Tech will be merged with Kenne saw. It’s True.”
    No way! Stop! Stop! Mers …. Mers …. Mers …. Mercy! Enough … Stop pulling my leg! My
    sinuses hurt. Let me go back to mopping the floor. Good one. BEST APRIL FOOLS JOKE EVER!!!

    For years to come, people will ask, “Where were you when they sprung the great Kennesaw
    merger ambush?” Vengeance is best served cold, and they did just that. This is a teachable
    moment. Couldawouldashoulda gone to a real university. Such shock and awe, I am still
    dazed. Wow, payback can be a ….
    “And why would they be wanting payback?”
    Ahhh, Well, you see …… ahhh some words were said in haste that ahhh …. perhaps should
    be taken back. Maybe expressed too low an opinion …. may have suggested something
    misunderstood as derogatory …. like Kennesaw being solely about a school of wet nurses to
    people that probably weren’t going to be nurses. But who would have thought that Southern
    Tech would be one school that they would want to own. Must be the Law-of-Karma. I feel
    whipped. Apologies all around. You got my complete mea culpa.


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