Towery: Nunn needs Carter to Run for Governor for Her to Win the Senate Seat

In his nationally syndicated column, Insider Advantage’s Matt Towery takes a look at the Georgia Senate race, and predicts that in order for Michelle Nunn to win, Senator Jason Carter would need to enter the race for Governor. After providing an overview of the Senate race, Towery predicts she won’t be able to win without help.

He then talks about the possibility of Carter entering the Governor’s race. And then this:

[T]he added excitement and momentum from a strong gubernatorial race might, were a weak GOP candidate to emerge as the nominee, help Ms. Nunn capture a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Without Carter in the race, a Nunn victory seems a much bigger longshot. But if a “Carter-Nunn” ticket develops and the two can extricate themselves from a very unpopular Barack Obama in Georgia, anything might happen. Something for GOP pundits to consider in the coming months.

Towery does not think Carter needs to win the governorship for Nunn to win the Senate.


  1. Jon Lester says:

    So the party of “forward-thinkers” and “progressives” would be helped to run not one, but two legacy candidates in a single election? In Georgia? Seriously?

  2. benevolus says:

    It would risk a flashback to the late 70’s, but I say, I dream of a day when a candidate can be judged by their capability rather than the pronunciation of their name!

    • Harry says:

      They may be nice people but what have the young generation of Nunns and Carters done to be pushed to the top over other equally-qualified candidates who would be more representative of the Democrat base in Georgia? Was it not due to family connection or nepotism?

      • Ed says:

        Harry, as you well know, you start peeling back the mud with Democrats, you never know what sort of muck you will find…

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