Reed V. Wingfield: Beer Summit Needed, Invite Extended

Jim Galloway (or was it Daniel Malloy?) told us in today’s AJC Jolt that there’s a bit of a public spat going on between their own conservative columnist Kyle Wingfield (riding high off his birthday this week) and Atlanta’s Mayor Kasim Reed  (feeling flush that he received key endorsements yesterday from me in Marietta and some guy from Washington.)

From the Mayor:

Mr. Wingfield, you wrote today that I “can’t handle a little criticism, or the truth.”

I can handle criticism just fine.

But on reading your column, it would appear that you are not accustomed to responses from the targets of your frequently inaccurate, and often misleading, editorial columns. Instead, your attacks are typically allowed to pass unchecked.

When it comes to matters affecting our citizens, however, I’m not willing to sit in silence as you mislead them.

Rather than “Kasim Reed doubles down on false narrative in street vendor fight,” a more honest headline would have been “I admit that street vending is a mess you did not create, but you are not fixing it fast enough.”

And the “discussion” continued via twitter, from Wingfield:

.@KasimReed Here’s a hint: Not everyone issues a press release every time they get dinged. #gapol

Now I just hate it when friends fight (unless there’s an open book and I have a wager down. Then it’s all just business).  I know Kyle well and respect him a lot.  I’ve met the Mayor but we haven’t had the chance to catch up lately.  But, I still think he’ll do a good job for the city for the next 4 years.  More importantly, I think he’d do it even better with someone like Kyle working with him rather than arguing about subtweets.

There’s really only one solution:  Beer summit.

Thus, I extend the invitation to the Mayor and to Kyle to meet me for a “beer of understanding”.

Wednesday, November 6th, at 5pm.  Five Seasons Brewery Westside. I am willing to negotiate time/place so long as we remain on neutral ground for you two.

Will you fine gentlemen be willing to meet me there and settle this unpleasantness?  I’ll buy the first round.


  1. Charlie says:

    Well like all good summits, this one will come down to negotiating the details.

    Kyle would prefer a date he’s actually in town. The Mayor would like to ensure he can play air hockey.

    I think they’re both just trying to make sure Mike shows up somewhere else, but we’ll keep working it.

  2. Rick Day says:

    For some reason, I keep mentally picturing that framed budweiser ad on the wall in Manuel’s, with that hideous donkey and Boss Hogg looking elephant, clinging glasses of coldbrews


    “Don’t cross the streams, Venkman”

  3. Mrs. Adam Kornstein says:

    So you all know that the Mayor doesn’t do his own tweeting right? He has minions stacked on minions who tweet out some rather odd and irritating missives. It’s unclear how much of this back and forth is actually the Mayor or a staff flunky who the Mayor will throw under a bus if he’s inclined.

    Mayor Reed is no Sen. Cory Booker.

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