Bob Johnson Wins First District Straw Poll

The Savannah Area Young Republicans held a debate for the First District congressional candidates seeking to replace Congressman Jack Kingston, who is running for the Senate. Following the debate, which all the announced candidates attended, they conducted a straw poll, and here are the results:

Bob Johnson – 31%
Buddy Carter – 23%
Jeff Chapman – 15%
Darwin Carter – 15%
Undecided – 15%

We don’t know how many were in the audience at the event. Keep in mind the usual disclaimer about the reliability of straw poll results.


  1. Lifetime367 says:

    really silly – Johnson brought his family and a few inebriated supporters, one of whom had to be called down by the moderator – This poll, like all but one to follow in the coming months, is meaningless – Carter was head and shoulders more educated on the issues and more polished – Johnson seems like a nice guy, but he shouldn’t have skipped the entry level political jobs. Chapman suspects a conspiracy on every issue and the other Carter – I think his first name is Darwin – cannot be taken seriously when he hasn’t even filed his paperwork to be a real candidate

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