A Twitter Handle Appears And The Plot Thickens.

Max Blau noticed that the twitter handle “@governorcarter” is out there and ponders if it’s real. As I type he has not heard from @senatorcarter on the subject. A few weeks ago, Senator Carter was rumored to have commissioned a poll to gauge his electoral changes in a race for the Governor’s Mansion. We don’t know what that poll showed.

So, since were left with nothing to do but speculate at this point, speculate away in the comments.

UPDATE: Blau heard back from Carter:

UPDATE, 4:15 p.m.: From his @SenatorCarter Twitter account, Carter quips: “Nice one. Pretty sure you have to get elected before you get to use that twitter handle.”

Fair enough, Senator. He declined to offer an update on his gubernatorial aspirations for 2014.


  1. AtticusFinch says:

    Sounds a bit presumptuous for a twitter handle pre-election. I would be more convinced if it was carter4governor. Unless he plans to use that handle AFTER he wins.

  2. PoliticalJoe says:

    James Carter was the first follower, and he was also the second person @governorcarter followed. One could make an assumption…

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